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Regular mating of rabbits at home for beginner breeders will not be a problem if you conscientiously study the organization of the process. An important role is played by the creation of suitable conditions for reproduction and the time factor. Although these animals are considered good producers, an uncontrolled increase in livestock is hard for females. In order for the flock to be replenished with strong individuals, it is necessary to choose the right pair, prepare the animals for mating and follow the mating procedure.


To begin with, we will determine the age at which rabbits should be taken for the first time. They are considered sexually mature from 3 months of birth. This means that the female is already capable of conceiving and bearing offspring, but it is better not to hurry. Although the crawls are already "ripe" it is worth waiting for 4-5 months. The eared body will get stronger and prepare for the process.

Breeding rabbits at home occurs from 5-7 months if the animals are raised for meat. It is advisable not to perederzhivat animals longer than this age. Otherwise, they will gain weight and lose interest in the opposite sex. If such eared connect, then the offspring will be small.

So, we decide at what age you can pair the rabbits. Too early sex leads to abortions, a small number of young and low milk content of rabbits. The male is chosen such that is older than the female by 1.5-2 months. It is better to take one breed, but remember that a rabbit of any kind matures later.

It turns out that for mating of rabbits the ideal age of the female is about six months, and for the male sex - 6-7 months.

Breed all year round

Under suitable conditions of breeding, rabbits breed all year round. The bunny rabbit is ready to mate once a week, during the hunting (ovulation) period. It lasts 1-2 days. Determine that the female is ready for mating can be on her genitals (loop), which turns red and swells.

Behavior is changing too - it is torn around the cage, rubs against the surface. If you hold your hand from ear to tail, the bunny begins to lift the ass. Details learn from the article "How can I determine the hunt from the rabbit."

When the females begin a hunting season, they offer her a male. It will be right to plant it in his cage. If there is no aggression between them, the pairing of rabbits occurs very quickly - a few seconds.

When the act is over, the rabbit is left for a short time in the male's cage. During this time, another fertilization attempt may occur. Sometimes animals live in the same cage for 7 days until intercourse occurs.

Best times and rest periods

In the summer to cross rabbits preferably in the morning when there is no heat. In winter, lunchtime is suitable when the air warms up.

The average number of rounds in a healthy female is 6-7 per year. The case of rabbits in winter is considered the most successful among farmers. Winter babies are more adaptable to harsh conditions. Such individuals have good fur, which is important if it grows rabbits to get skins. During such a period, the rabbit’s hunt occurs less frequently (1-2 times per month).

In winter, rabbits breed in a warm room (19-27 degrees). Animals are fully fed. For them, they increase the light day for 1-2 weeks before mating and during it (12 hours a day).

In the summer, baby rabbits are born more, but they are coddled. Spring and autumn periods are most unfavorable. In these months you need to give the rabbit rest.

To begin the process of mating for the first time, the female should end in the first molt, in the second the males. When it is not over, happen animals, as the body is not yet prepared.

We form a pair

Talk about how to happen rabbits. Individuals that are ready for breeding and are suitable for age are selected from the stock of young stock. These are healthy and strong krols with good signs of breed. They are moderately well-fed, without physical abnormalities and without obesity.

The female is preferable with well developed nipples. If she has already given birth, then appreciate the milkiness, which should be high. Among the animals do the culling. Only fertile rabbits, which are not inclined to eat offspring, are allowed to breed. Invalid qualities - aggression, willfulness and fruitlessness.

For breeding can not be a case of related animals. If the livestock is not enough, then you can take the male from other farms (but first put him in quarantine). Details in the articles "Is it possible to mate rabbits-relatives" and "On the crossing of rabbits of different breeds".

Exclude family ties

Related crosses (inbreeding) can occur by chance, and sometimes forced. Remember that regular mating of rabbits, linked by blood, leads to degeneration in the herd.

For procreation, it is desirable to choose youngsters who were born in winter. Also, crawlers with good signs of manufacturers take from the early litter of rabbits. Choosing a strong individual, you need to pay attention to the next of kin.

Among the brothers and sisters should not be weak and sick. Mothers of future producers - miscarriages or bad character. All these cubs usually inherit.

If the female is mated for the first time, then it is desirable to allow an experienced partner. To a hoot who has not yet participated in the process of mating, they select a skilled rabbit.

In a familiar setting

Next, we will tell you how to deal with rabbits correctly when candidates for a couple are selected.

Before you begin to pair rabbits, consider these nuances:

  • when the rabbit is ready to mate, the female individual is transported into the cage to the rabbit (the habitual environment is important for the male);
  • everything that may interfere with sexual intercourse and the insemination process (feeders, drinkers) is removed from the cage;
  • in the summer, sexual intercourse is desirable in the early morning, in the winter - until 16.00, during the daytime;
  • for convenience, the rabbit is tied to the tail of the ribbon and at the right time it is lifted to open its genitals;
  • of necessity, near the loop, the rabbits cut the wool so that it does not interfere with the process;
  • when the male has covered the rabbit, he falls on his side and makes a rumbling sound or a squeak, which means that everything is over and that the female can be set.

These nuances are characteristic, if the rabbit was hooked briefly, for several hours. At the same time, animals must be constantly monitored to observe how they mate. Sometimes it is better for the farmer to keep the rabbit if the mating games are delayed and the rabbits are distracted from the main business.

Relocation for a week

You can also happen rabbits, leaving the guest with the male for a longer time. This means that the female needs to sit down at the crawl for 5-7 days. During the week, she will come to the state of hunting and mating happens at the right moment.

Animals themselves determine a good time. Initially, a couple is watched to see if there is sympathy. Often partners are fighting. If aggression does not pass, then they are best seated.

Remember about proper feeding. Two weeks before mating we feed animals with fortified food. In the diet of males include steamed oats and boiled potatoes. Females are given concentrates, hay and branch feed. It is also important not to disturb the individuals and not to allow temperature differences in the room where they live.

Check knitting

Often after mating rabbits fertilization does not occur. There is no guarantee that after the first covering by the male the rabbit will become pregnant. Therefore, after 5-6 days, the second mating is carried out. This process helps to verify whether the animals have successfully mated.

When the female is aggressively disposed and does not let the tested crawl, then most likely repeated sexual acts are not required. This behavior confirms the fact of pregnancy.

But if the female individual admits the male, the rabbits begin intercourse. This date of mating is marked as the first one, and after it again the checkout of the rabbit in 5-6 days is carried out.

If the mating of rabbits was successful, then after 15 days the abdominal cavity is probed in the female to exclude a false pregnancy. The presence of oblong lumps, connected in chains, confirms successful fertilization. This changes the behavior of the future mother. The little rabbit becomes calmer, eats well.

Refusal of mating

Most often, when the rabbit is ready to mate, there is no difficulty. But sometimes she can keep out the rabbit. Aggressively-minded female should be quickly removed.

After some time, an attempt to bring the animals together is repeated. This happens the next morning or in the evening. If the female is still stubborn, then they choose another partner (and vice versa). Find out why the rabbit so behave, you can from the article "What you need to do if the rabbit does not want to mate."

Frequently breeding rabbits are disturbed by extraneous noises that prevent them from concentrating. It is important not to confuse protracted mating games of animals with the rejection of mating. In the latter version, the female is very categorically tuned and does not allow a crawl at all.

After how many days to pair after okrol

Rabbits breed quickly and throughout the year. Consider when you can happen rabbit after about. This process can occur at different intervals. But the farmer must control everything in order to receive high-quality healthy offspring.

Although the female is ready to mate already a day after caout, she is given time to rest and restore the body. This requires at least a month. During these thirty days, the offspring are gradually weaned from the mother.

Two days later, after the rabbits were taken away, the process of fertilization of the rabbits can begin again. In the meantime, the female should come back to the state of hunting. How to determine this moment, you will learn by the signs described above.

With the compacted technique of okrolov, the animals are already mated within 2-3 days after the appearance of offspring. The rabbit feeds the first offspring, while bearing the second. On the 28th day, the hatching youngsters are deposited, and the female soon gives birth again.

It is undesirable for animals to breed like this all the time. The female's body does not have time to recover, and she dies.

Unsuccessful delivery

Since rabbits breed and breed quickly, often unsuccessful okrol occurs. These are abortions (abortion), premature birth, natural death of offspring or eating rabbit by the mother.

Certain rules help to act in such situations. When fertilization has occurred, it is important to prevent re-mating. Because the bunny is already pregnant. Because of the two divisions in the uterus, a premature labor begins in the case of a re-female. It so happens that before one dead rabbit is born, and then the rest of the offspring (in due time).

If the death of the calves after the death of a child has occurred, or they were born dead, then you should not immediately cover the rabbit. The reason for this situation is found out, and endometritis is being prevented (using antibiotics).

When the female is sick with listeriosis, she has spontaneous miscarriages or resorption of embryos. In this case, the rabbit relatives have all the chances to become infected, so the sick female is slaughtered. When self-abortions occur in a rabbit for any other reason, it should not continue to multiply.

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