Frequent problems of layers - eggs without shell


Eggs without shells - do you think this is something unreal? And no! It is quite common in domestic laying hens. Why do chickens lay eggs without their shell? Let us try to answer this question together.

The reasons

Such a problem, when chickens lay eggs without shell, happens quite often. How does this happen? This product is in a special membrane (film), so that the protein and yolk do not spread. In such cases, the egg is shaped, but soft. However, there are also more difficult cases when birds “pour” products at all. Even if the whole shell is good and in one small place it is soft or wet, this is a kind of problem. All this requires a certain attention and treatment.

To date, there are three main causes of the problems of laying hens in egg laying. These include:

  • Malnutrition - deficiency of micronutrients and vitamins;
  • Hormonal disruptions, age-related changes in the reproductive system, impaired ovulation process;
  • Viral diseases.

We will deal with all these bases in more detail.


Disturbance of the hen’s normal diet, poor feed, and poor quality are the most common reasons that chickens lay eggs without shells. It happens that the owner does not change the usual diet, but the change of the manufacturer may already cause frustration. If the feed does not have enough of the necessary minerals, then the first thing to do is not the eggs or their upper layer, but the bones and joints of the birds. That is why, in order to verify this root cause, it is necessary to probe well the large bones of chickens. If they are soft, wobbly, such as the keel, then it is worth sounding the alarm.

Do not forget that calcium feedings, as well as rakushnyak and small gravel, play an important role in feeding the hens. Birds should spend enough time on the street, get natural vitamin D.

Hormonal problems

It often happens that chickens lay eggs with two yolks, or even without them. These disturbances and the absence of shell can indicate hormonal disruptions of the body of the bird. All this is due to the wrong course of ovulation and can be caused by various stresses.

Viral diseases

This is another cause of problems with the carrying of eggs. For example, the Newcastle disease already known to us often causes a disturbance in the laying and productivity of layers. It is rather difficult to identify it, as apart from the defects of the shell, the bird may not have other symptoms. A viral disease called egg-laydown syndrome also contributes to a defect in layers.

Other reasons

However, this is not all reasons, since different problems can be associated with different ailments and shortages. So, if:

  • Eggs, with or without soft shells, are evidence of excess salts in the body of the hens. That salt inhibit the absorption of calcium. It can also be stressful.
  • Rough surface - lack of water in the diet, excess calcium.
  • Dents - young reproductive system.
  • Deformation of the form - viral diseases, congenital defects of the oviduct.

Solution methods

Based on the reasons that we considered, it is clear that all the problems with the egg shell are easily solved.

  1. If the basis of the defect lies in poor nutrition and a lack of minerals, then adjusting the diet will improve the situation after the first days of normal nutrition. Add to the usual diet all the necessary feeding and supplements. It may be purchased mixes, and bone meal, and baked ash, and chalk, and shell rock.
  2. If birds do not get enough vitamin D, give them regular fish oil.
  3. If the cause of the problems is an infectious disease, the bird should be examined, shown to the veterinarian and appropriate treatment should be initiated. Only in this case, the chickens can carry back normal eggs.

As we have said, the problems with the shell cause many diseases. But how to solve all the problems in one fell swoop? For this we need a little time and effort. In order for our hens to start running again normally, you should stick to these tips:

  • We adjust the diet of the hen;
  • Enter the necessary calcium supplements in the menu;
  • Reduce the amount of waste from the table;
  • Adjusting the hormonal system of the bird;
  • We treat viral diseases.




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