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Breeding rabbits is beneficial, given the fertility of animals and how long the suckling rabbit lasts. In addition, females of eared animals are ready for breeding within 3-6 months after birth. Proper mating determines the result. Stages of pregnancy and okrol require favorable conditions of detention, feeding. During this period, the bunny rabbit needs careful care. The health and development of the young depends on the conditions in which the fetus is harvested.

How to determine the pregnancy in the rabbit

Not every mating ends with the desired fertilization, so it is important to be able to determine that the rabbit is pregnant. Successful mating changes the behavior of the animal, but to confirm the reliable result is possible only after two weeks.

If the rabbit female became pregnant, then this is manifested through the following signs:

  • aggressive behavior, fearfulness;
  • 1-2 cm oval seals in the uterus that are palpable;
  • an increase in the size of the abdomen;
  • milky discharge from the nipples when pressed.

The rabbit rabbit plucks fluff from the abdomen to prepare the family nest. As the term of childbirth approaches, the animals begin to nervously rush around the cage in search of a secluded place. As a result, the pregnant animal is killed in a protected corner of the cage.

The gestation period is characterized by a change in the diet of eared little animals, which begin to drink and eat a lot. At the same time their taste preferences change. Animals refuse their usual food, demanding something new. This behavior usually continues the first week after conception.

Watching the behavioral reactions of animals, it’s really up to you to figure out how to determine the baby rabbit’s pregnancy. You can put straw in the cage and watch the reaction of the animal. If the female grasps the bundle, drags him into a corner and begins to fold into one pile, settling the nest, then she most likely carries the babies.

How to distinguish a false rabbit pregnancy

External signs that characterize the onset of pregnancy in rabbits do not always confirm the authenticity of this event. There is a situation of false pregnancy, when fertilization has not come, and instead of a fertilized egg in the area of ​​the ovarian follicle, a corpus luteum is formed.

Why a rabbit does not become pregnant, depends on some factors. The most important causes are hormonal disorders in the animal, diseases, weak activity and viability of sperm, improper mating. You can not hurry and discard such animals.

It is important to make every effort to determine the true causes of deviations, which led to a negative result. Given the adverse circumstances, make another attempt mating animals.

To distinguish the false pregnancy of rabbits, you need to be observant. For the first 18 days, the animals behave like ordinary suckrolling rabbits, displaying aggressiveness towards members of the opposite sex and even humans.

Normally, the female begins to intensively equip the nest on the 28th day of gestation of the offspring. The animal is looking for suitable materials to create a warm litter. To do this, use straw, fluff, torn from his stomach. Such activity in preparation for childbirth at this stage of pregnancy of the rabbit is a completely natural behavior, which is caused by instincts. Read more about this in the article "When the rabbit builds a nest."

False pregnancy is accompanied by such manifestations as early as 18 days after mating. But after a day the animals calm down, calmly reacting to the opposite sex.

How many bunnies wears bunnies

The duration of pregnancy is influenced by various factors. For example, in multiple animals okol often occurs earlier than the average period. If the rabbit gives birth to little calves, then a pregnant woman walks 31-32 days.

To a large extent, the way the rabbit gives birth and how long it goes to a pregnant woman is influenced by previous breeding experience. In a more experienced female, babies are born faster. In addition, the value of how many times a year the rabbit brings posterity.

How long the rabbit's pregnancy lasts depends directly on the breed. Flandres and giants are representatives of breeds whose female walks to a pregnant woman for a longer period, compared to small decorative rabbits.

Representatives of the rabbit family bear offspring 28-35 days, but more often this period is 30-31 days. Already on day 25, the rabbitks begin to move inside the mother's womb.

A pregnant rabbit often suffers from toxemia, and therefore requires increased human attention. Calm situation throughout the entire period, good nutrition, comfortable conditions of detention affect how long pregnant rabbits walk.

How to care for a female

It is advisable to calculate the time of the approximate delivery, starting from the date of mating, since it is close to the rabbit, the gestational age depends on the exact time of conception. Based on these data, you can effectively help animals to bear offspring.

It is advisable to install the mother liquor inside the cell about 5 days before the okol, putting straw there. If you start arranging the nest for a pregnant rabbit ahead of time, then an animal that is not many years old will not understand its purpose.

On the other hand, too late placement of the queen may provoke the rabbit to give birth outside the nest. The appliance is in mortal danger in this case.

The duration of pregnancy directly depends on the health of the rabbit itself. Rabbits under the age of 3 years are characterized by the highest productivity. Usually childbirth proceed quickly. Depending on how many rabbits should be born at a time, their birth can be delayed.

After it was possible to determine the pregnancy in the rabbit, the animal should be surrounded by attention and care. Regardless of how many days the female actually walks up to the field, during all this time it is necessary to maintain a uniform comfortable temperature, a calm environment, to provide enhanced full feeding. It is not recommended to disturb, take the animal in your arms, transplant it into another cage.

How to feed the rabbit during pregnancy

Regardless of how long the pregnancy in rabbits lasts, it is necessary to provide the animals with a full ration, feeding them with vitamin and mineral supplements for the entire duration. In addition, in the menu of breeding eared animals in the first half of pregnancy, tree branches, greens, roots, vegetables and other bulk food should be present on an ongoing basis.

In the second half of the term of the pregnant rabbit, you can give more concentrated feed, soybean meal, hay, cake from sunflower. Do not rely on how many rabbits can eat. Overfeeding will negatively affect the health of the mother and the babies born.

Daily need to change the diet. For example, 5 days before a roundabout, you can reduce the amount of roughage. At the same time increase the amount of drinking water, which should be clean and warm. Young females up to six months of age, which bear their young for the first time, need more nutritious food. This is due to the fact that not only the developing fetus, but also the growing body of the mother itself requires additional energy.

Birth of baby rabbits

A pregnant rabbit female walks on average 30-31 days. After this time, rabbits appear on the light. Animals aged up to 3-4 years usually cope with childbirth on their own, since the rabbit has a well-developed maternal instinct. Cubs appear in the most quiet time of day: at night or in the early morning. The whole process takes place most often in one hour.

On the other hand, okrol can last much longer because of the number of babies that must be born. Sometimes the birth goes on all day. More information about this can be found in the article "How do births from rabbits".

After females give birth to babies, they eat the afterbirth, the film from the born babies. If a dead baby is born, then often the rabbit eats it. Due to the fact that these animals multiply intensively for several years, they need to replenish the spent minerals and vitamins. However, after giving birth, it is recommended to remove rabbits born dead.

Pregnant females wear future rabbits for just a month, babies come into the world shriveled, without hair. Thanks to the maternal instinct, animals clearly know and understand how to behave with newborns.

Mother licks each baby, puts it in a warm nest, and carefully covers it with its own down and straw. A good rabbit feeds cubs in the morning and evening. After giving birth, the mother should be left with the offspring for one and a half months, and then the young growth should be deposited.

How to act the rabbit catcher at the moment

The whole process of the birth of baby rabbits must be kept under control, without interfering unless absolutely necessary. No matter how many babies are born from one rabbit, it is important to ensure that all babies are inside the nest. If a single animal is found, then mother should be transplanted and placed in the nest.

Care should be taken to ensure that no odors are present. To do this, the rabbit breeder must carefully rub his hands with straw and down from the mother liquor. After that, it is better to leave the offspring with the mother alone, not forgetting to leave the food and clean water.

Rabbit females are characterized by a developed maternal instinct. Most often, his absence is associated with a lack of experience in young bunnies. Let's figure out how to understand that animals are not ready to feed their offspring, and how to find out if they need help or not.

In such "moms" the cubs crawl around the nest in search of food and warmth. In these cases, it is recommended to pull the fluff from the nurse's belly and cover the offspring. The related smell attracts the female, and the instinct will force to feed the babies.

Aggressive behavior rabbit

If the female shows aggression at the moment of circling, scattering around the cubs, then you need to isolate her after giving birth. Then pull the wool from the abdomen of the mother to arrange the nest, which is better to install under the lamp. After an hour, it is recommended to gently massage the nurse's nipples and put the baby on.

If the rabbit's aggressive behavior lasts, then you need to plant it to the male, and then give offspring. In case of a negative result, baby rabbits can be planted with another nurse. To do this, they should be cleaned of the old fluff, rubbed with wool from the new nest and placed in the nest of a mature calm female.

Artificial feeding is the last chance for young animals to survive. If the female refuses offspring, the breeders feed the rabbits manually. Unsuccessful moms reject. When kids are covered with wool, they begin to crawl out of the nest, they can be gently picked up by hand. More about proper care is described in the article "Everything about newborn rabbits."

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