How to make drinking bowls for geese


Have you decided to diversify your household with the help of geese? Do you think how to arrange comfortable conditions for them with minimal time and money? Then recommendations how to make drinking bowls for geese with your own hands, will come in handy! A detailed description of these structures can be found below in the article.

Tips for making

Geese is quite an interesting and not boring bird. Deciding to diversify your yard with it you will not lose. But at the same time you should remember that they endure hunger rather easily than thirst. Especially negatively the latter can affect their health during the summer heat. Therefore, as a caring owner, you must take care of the presence of water in a roaster. Also, if the pen does not border the reservoir, then it is better to put a couple of such structures inside it.

What is the fastest and easiest way to ensure that your geese have plenty of water? Of course - it is to go to a specialty store and buy some drinkers there. As you can see, the easiest and fastest way was revealed also expensive. But this way of caring for the needs of the bird does not always suit the poultry farmer. Therefore, most often he prefers his own hand-made drinkers.

Basic design requirements

  • Water in them should always be clean.
  • In winter, the water should not freeze.
  • Water in drinking bowls should always be at the proper temperature, because if it is cold the bird can easily get sick.
  • Juveniles and adult geese should not get wet while drinking. Watch for this especially strictly necessary in the winter.
  • The drinker in the goose should be enough so that the geese always have free access to them.
  • You should always monitor their cleanliness and periodically disinfect them.
  • Water in the troughs should always be, because the bird is equally thirsty at any time of the day.
  • It is necessary to take into account the fact that different types of drinkers are suitable for geese of different age categories.

Some examples of drinking bowls for geese

Simple drinking bowl for young

A drinking bowl for geese up to ten days old is easy enough to do with your own hands. For its manufacture you will need a cylindrical or cone-shaped container up to 20 cm high. This can be a flower pot, a glass jar or other utensils. Then you need to find the bottom of the drinker, old pans are perfect for him.
Now we proceed to its manufacture, and it is done as follows.

  1. A jar or pot is taken and filled with water.
  2. Then this container is covered with a frying pan and turned 180 degrees. Thus, the water from under the jar or pot will automatically fill the pan as it decreases.

Features of drinking trough for adult birds

Similar designs can be used for watering adult geese, but their size will be much larger this time.

  1. The principle of drinking trough remains the same, but a container with water is taken more.
  2. It can be a plastic or metal bottle.
  3. It is filled with water, a round pan is placed on it, the diameter of which exceeds several times the diameter of the container neck.
  4. Then this design is similarly turned over 180 degrees.

It is also advisable in order to avoid wetting the litter to install the water bottle on a wooden trellis supply. There are many more options similar device. The only differences are the more complex design, varying capacity and the use of a variety of materials. This is due to the fact that every owner comes out of what he has at hand and what is easier for him to do.

Gutter Drinkers

At the age of one month, geese are best to make a chamfer drinker from galvanized tin. It is also possible to adapt any other material from which a groove can be made, for example, it can be a piece of plastic pipe. It is most efficient to install such constructions in rather large poultry houses.

  1. Making a groove is quite simple from a piece of plastic pipe. But if you decide to make it from a galvanized sheet of tin, then you will need certain skills. After all, it will be necessary to bend in the shape of a shelf and solder the joints so that water does not leak.
  2. The size of the groove is curled by the age of the bird. If the geese are more than twelve weeks, then its width is about 15 cm, if from eight to twelve weeks - then 10-13 cm, and if up to eight weeks, then 6 cm is enough.
  3. Then prepared groove put on the legs, racks, which can also be made of metal or wood.
  4. The height of the drinker depends on the height of the bird, and to be precise, its top should be several centimeters above the back of the goose. On average, the height ranges from 7 cm to 20 cm.
  5. Then, when the structure is assembled, it is installed near one of the side walls of the house so that it does not interfere and it has access to the whole bird.

As you can see, the drinking bowls for geese are very similar to the same designs for other poultry. To make them quite easy and simple even to an unprepared person from improvised means. But if in doubt, finally we recall that it can always be purchased in the store in the finished form.




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