The diet and way of life of the wild partridge

Despite the fact that the partridge is a wild bird, unlike its relatives in nature, it searches for places near hayfields, agricultural fields or cattle pastures. This is due to the fact that wild birds love grain and reproduce well on cultivated crops. What feeds a partridge and where it mostly lives, let's find out together.

Where do partridges live?

"Oh, partridge! Her beautiful variegated brown-gray feathers! And her liveliness, dexterity and activity? Well, how can you not be moved by her good looks?" This is how the wild bird S. T. Aksakov in the "Notes of the rifle hunter". It is this native that has been for so many centuries the favorite trophy of our hunters. Why native? Because initially this bird was not found on our lands and came from Asia. But then caught on, settled and is not migratory.

Today, these birds mainly live in the northern zone and their distribution area can be divided into two sections. Some species (northern) inhabit the tundra expanses of Asia, Europe, the northern islands such as Svalbard and Greenland. Southern species live in Asia Minor, in Southern Europe, in Mongolia, in the Caucasus, right up to Tibet itself.Birds live in open tundra areas, do not inhabit the dense forests or swamps, preferring dry steppes, forest-steppe, meadows, placers in the mountains, tundra and even semi-deserts. The gray partridge today is also actively settled in Canada and the United States.

Way of life

As we have said, almost all types of partridges lead a settled way of life. The only exception is the tundra and white bird, which in the harsh winters moves south. Gray partridges living in Siberia also fly to Kazakhstan for the winter. Most of the time they live in pairs, raising offspring, in other periods - in packs.

Catching this "wild chicken" is not so easy, as it is a very careful and attentive bird. While searching for food, she constantly listens, freezes on high land, glancing around the neighborhood, at the sight of danger, freezes. If it was smelled by a predator, the bird flees or flies away. By the way, these birds run very briskly, but they do not like to fly.

What birds eat in the wild?

Most often today the gray partridge nests in the fields and meadows, closely located near forests and glades. Prefers crops of oats, buckwheat, millet. Not uncommon broods are found on potato fields. That is why we understand that the basis of their diet is plant food, for example, seeds. Also the partridge eats small insects, worms.

Wild birds that live in regions with not very rich plant diversity eat weed seeds, wild grasses, berries, thin roots, even leaflets and tree buds. They find the main food on the ground, and in harsh conditions they climb trees. In winter, partridges clear snow in search of grass, frozen berries and winter crops. Often in harsh conditions, when it is difficult to find seeds or small insects, the bird eats little and dies from hunger.

From the seeds of the partridge eats oats, barley, millet, wheat grass, chiy and various weeds. In the summer, insect insects from the order locust, ants and beetles are added to the menu. It also feeds on leaves of such bushes as wild rose, bird cherry, sea buckthorn and barberry.



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