It's a leg: ostrich runner


This is a resident of Savannah, which most of us are surprised and amazed. And who, if not he is a record holder, not only in weight, but also in speed? Let's find out in more detail about the speed at which an ostrich runs in case of danger.

How fast does it run?

Everyone knows that these big birds can't fly. But on the other hand, they completely compensate for the omission of nature with the ability to run very fast. We said it was for a reason that it was “very”, because it is the only bird of its kind that can develop high speed. What can I say, an ostrich is a record holder in running. And all this thanks to his powerful legs.

On large, high and strong legs, he travels very long distances. At the same time it has only two fingers: one small one is almost imperceptible, the other one is big with some kind of claw. This special tool helps the bird not only to defend itself, but also to run well. Gaining great speed, the ostrich with the help of this claw is in good contact with the ground, making various maneuvers.

In ordinary cases, for example, these birds develop a speed of 50 kilometers per hour for crossing the terrain. Agree that it is a lot. Experts believe that so quickly the birds can run due to the special structure of the limbs. Many studies in this topic today are the basis for studying the musculoskeletal system of people. Muscles allow these feathery to make very light and graceful, but big steps. It seems that they do not run, but simply easily kick their feet. One step is about 4 meters.

Maximum record speed

While running, ostriches very economically expend their energy, which allows them to maintain a stable high speed for a long time. As it turns out, no other animal or bird possesses this ability today.The highest speed of the ostrich, which was recorded is 92 kilometers per hour. This is almost half the size of their usual running and is truly a record.

How quickly escapes in case of danger?

In the wild nature of Africa, no predator dares to attack a bird, therefore it is rare when an ostrich can be seen in clashes. This is primarily due to the personal safety of animals (an ostrich can easily kill a paw with one blow), as well as character. In case of danger, they prefer to leave or run away rather than fend off their paws and claws. Due to the very advanced vision and hearing, they notice the danger several kilometers away and immediately flee. In such cases, the bird reaches a speed of about 70 kilometers per hour. With such a run, their stride width exceeds 7 meters.

The ostrich can keep such speed at short distances, then reducing it to 50 kilometers per hour. By the way, kids run with the same speed. Already at the age of one month they can run after mom also at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. And this despite the fact that they have a rather rather large size. Just amazing birds, right?


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