When should you start slaughtering geese?


Have you heard that breeding geese is the most profitable business? But here you do not have enough information about what, what to feed them and what period of feeding? And also do not know when they can score? All this you can find on our website. Namely, in this article you will find detailed information about when you can cut geese.

Choosing the optimal slaughter period

Determining the period of slaughter is not so simple. First you need to understand why the bird is raised? If you keep geese only for yourself and your pleasure, then they can live for a very long time and die from a great age. But if there are a lot of them, it is better to thin the flock in the fall.

In this case, it is recommended to select the most productive individuals in an amount of not more than 5 pieces, and let the rest into the expense. They can be cut in October or November, it depends on how well the bird has fed. If you do not have time, then it is better to wait another year, since in winter geese start the breeding season and they lose a lot of weight.

Now let's talk about the young. To the question, when can it be cut, only you know the answer. Now I will explain why. The fact is that the period of the beginning of the slaughter of young animals depends on what you feed it. That is, if the components of the feed were only natural ingredients, then depending on the breed of bird, young animals can be cut from the age of seven months.

Well, and if geese fed on feeds, then at the age of two or three months their carcass will weigh about 3-4 kg. And slaughter can begin and cost-effective already at this age. And with a mixed feed, you can start cutting at about five months. It is also worth remembering that they gain their optimal weight only in the second year of their life.

If you decide to breed geese for meat and feed them with special feeds for broilers, then the best option would be to slaughter at 72 days of age. On such a feed already by this period they will grow up sufficiently. Also during this period, the feathers are updated and the goose carcass will be smooth and without hemp. If you do not have time, it is better to wait the same, that is, to spend the slaughter for 144 days.

Those who breed geese at their pleasure should remember that the most productive bird will be in the first five years of its life. It is not recommended to keep it longer. After this period, it is better to update the herd.

Useful tips for beginners

  • Due to the fact that in spring, summer and autumn geese spend all day grazing, they are considered the most economical in terms of bird feeding. Grass at this time of year is the basis of their diet.
  • They love to walk very much, so even in the winter when they are very cold, they should be let out at least 1 hour into the yard.
  • If you have a large vegetable garden, then having prepared in advance, it will be easy and profitable to feed geese in winter.
  • This bird perfectly recognizes its owner in steps, if this stranger a herd of several individuals does not miss it.
  • In geese in the herd, there is a strict hierarchy that all individuals adhere to.

  • It is important that at least the first 3 eggs of the goose laid in the nest. Then she will be sure to return to rush to the nest, no matter where the herd wanders.
  • All breeds of geese are exclusively meat breeds.
  • In terms of weight among poultry, they are second only to turkeys.
  • At night, geese eat more than during the day, especially in winter. Therefore, it is better to leave plenty of grain at night in the feeders.
  • It is necessary to prevent their obesity, because then all the eggs will be unfertilized.
  • Feeding wheat will immediately lead to obesity.
  • A lot of grain can be fed only if it is oats or millet. From them the bird will never become fat.
  • The best option would be to give the feed grain in germinated form.


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