How to catch a live pheasant?


The cooked pheasant used to be a favorite treat for kings and kings. He also certainly enters the old traditional cuisine of our country. Every avid hunter dreams and thinks how to catch a pheasant. At the same time, it is not necessary to kill him immediately, because the bird can be caught in a humane way, and then kept in his yard. More on this now.

How can you catch a pheasant?

To begin with, catching a bird alive is an integral part of the beginning of your home breeding. The fact is that this type of game is not as popular in private yards as, for example, a partridge, so you have to find the pheasant yourself. But it is not so difficult. There are several basic ways to catch a bird without a gun. Well, of course, if you want to get a game carcass for dinner, then take a gun, a dog and go to the nearest forest where pheasants live.

Without using a gun

It must first be said that the experience in catching pheasant without a gun is very small, many hunters just a few years ago started using all sorts of traps and baits. Prior to that, the pheasant was honored to be killed only by falling on the bullet of a gun. So, today the most common method of catching a wild bird is to drive it to the net. This method is used for catching a partridge, and small animals.

For this method, you need to purchase a fairly large piece of network about 300 meters in length and 8 in height. Here there is a main rule - the larger the grid, the more likely it is to catch game there. What do we have to do?

  1. On the place where the pheasant is supposed to be caught, you should put poles with a grid.
  2. It is best, as experts advise, to choose a more shaded area, so that the network can be disguised in the branches.
  3. To drive the pheasant to the right place should be very slow, otherwise the bird may fly up and the plan will fail.
  4. Next to the net, another person must be in an ambush; he, as soon as the bird enters the necessary piece of land, abruptly drops the net and catches the game.


Another method of catching with the help of a net is a muddle or a net that spreads out on the ground. The way of hunting is the same as the previous one. The task of the hunter is also to drive the pheasant into this network so that he becomes entangled in it. All of these options are the most simple and very affordable.


Loop fastening pattern

Some craftsmen, hunters actively use this method of catching pheasants, like loops. Since the bird travels mainly along the same routes, this method becomes possible. True, for this you first need to learn where the pheasant just goes. In the same convenient place you will need to place a loop.

  1. The material suitable for making such a loop is steel wire. It is very important to choose it soft but durable, so that it can withstand the weight of the bird.
  2. Cut the wire length of 1.5 meters. We make as many pieces as we need loops.
  3. On one edge we make a ring with a diameter of 8 centimeters by twisting the end of the main part.
  4. In the made ring we pass the second end of the wire and fasten the loop.
  5. Already one is ready. So we do the rest.
  6. Fasten the loop as shown in the photo.

Hook fishing

Another possible way to catch a pheasant is to use a hook and bait. Everything is simple here. Take, for example, corn and string it on a hook number 10. Then we hang the bait to a height of 0.5 meters above the ground in places where the bird walks. Near the trap itself, you can put some loose grains to attract attention. Or hang them nearby, but without a hook.

How to catch alive?

Today, many farmers want to catch a pheasant alive today, who in the future are going to breed these birds in their yard. Some are already thinking about this business. So, for this purpose we have a couple of ways to prepare. It is clear that you can catch a bird alive using any of the methods described above. But there is one thing - during such methods the pheasant gets a lot of stress and nervous tension can last for a very long time. Having brought home, you can find a very exhausted bird, which already does not even want to live. Returning to life will again be very difficult and long.

Another thing is, for example, catch a sleeping pheasant. How? Very simple - with the help of sleeping pills. The fact is that these birds are very fond of raisins, and it is easy to stuff a sleeping pill into a berry. You can also crush the tablets and mix with dry cereal feed, then scatter it in one place.

The disadvantage of this method lies only in the fact that most of these drugs are short-lived, and for a short period of time a hunter should find a peacefully sleeping bird. But stress is less and the bird will never get hurt, unlike steel ways of fishing. See also the video for more details on how to catch this bird.




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