Temperature regulator for an incubator of BI-1

I want to improve the BI-1 incubator for 77 eggs (not digital). What PID thermostat is not expensive advise? (Sergei)

Good day, Sergey. Thank you for your question, we will try to help you. Let's start with the main thing. So, if you need an “inexpensive”, but reliable and high-quality PID thermostat, we advise you to pay attention to Chinese models. Why? The fact is that domestic devices with PID regulation are quite rare today. Moreover, they are difficult to use, connect and cost a lot too (from 3000 to 5000 rubles). They are produced mainly for professional purposes.

Chinese factories make a lot of models of thermostats for both domestic and professional needs. On average, such a device will cost about 1,500 rubles. For example, you can choose a temperature controller 113M. The model can be used for any incubators, and its installation will take about 5-10 minutes. The only advice to achieve a stable temperature - additionally use a fan.

For reworking the incubator, as well as for the homemade version, the model of the thermostat 113M is very convenient. But you can also buy a controller from a Chinese incubator. In the latter case, you will immediately have both a humidity sensor and an air temperature regulator, and you can also connect the trays turning motor.

We can also advise the model STC-1000, it is very easy to set up, to work and to connect. It is suitable for any brooder and incubator. Its price is a little higher - about 2500 rubles, but also reliability proven by time. For example, it is often used for refrigerators around the clock.

If you have any more questions, please contact. Happy to help! We will also be very happy to see photos of your farm or livestock in our photo gallery //zoohoz.ru/gallery/.

Model thermostat 113MTemperature regulator for STC-1000 incubator



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