Incubator and brooder for chickens: which one is better to choose and whom to prefer?


Hello! I want to buy an incubator and brooder. Since I am new to this business, I can’t figure it out (which company is better, which eggs are turned, etc.). About 60-80 eggs. Help me please! (Helena)

Hello, Elena. Incubator and brooder are very important devices for successful poultry farming. Let's try to help you with the choice and start with a brooder. You probably know that this device helps to maintain the correct air temperature in the early days of the chicks. You should also know that they exist of several types:

  • brooder for rearing chicks not in cages, but in a normal closed room. In this case, such a device has the shape of an umbrella or dome, which is attached to the ceiling or mounted on legs;
  • for chickens of cage content, where the heating element is located inside a regular cage;
  • Brooder Pavilion, which is used both for the rearing of chicks, and for the treatment of sick birds.

For household, we advise you to choose one of the first two options. Think about how it will be more convenient for you to grow chickens: in a cage or on the floor?

The main device is a heating element, but this is not enough.. Brooder must ensure the safety of the chickens, even at a time when you can not control the process. Many today choose a cheaper device, but there is one "but." Overlooked, the temperature dropped - the kids chilled, sick; forgot about broder - overheated chicks, ruined. To prevent this from happening, we advise you not to regret money immediately and buy a good device with automatic mode.

As a rule, modern manufacturers install in them useful infrared lamps, regulators and protection against burns. Even if the baby jumps and touches the lamp, it will not burn itself. Also, some manufacturers equip brooders with feeders, drinkers and additional accessories for comfort and convenience. If you already have all the necessary inventory, you can save on this. Also modern manufacturers make plastic brooders and special treated plywood. They are easy to clean and disinfect, and this is very important for raising chickens.

As for the make and model, it is quite difficult to answer, since they all work identically, but differ in a set of additional components, in shape and, of course, in price. Today, many companies are engaged in their sale and there are a huge number of them. According to numerous reviews, Brooder Mini Comfort + made of waterproof plywood (made in Russia) has proven itself well. This model is equipped with everything necessary for raising chickens from the first days of life:

  • feeding trough and nipple drinking bowl;
  • 250 W infrared lamp;
  • Temperature regulator;
  • water tank 2 liters;
  • additional grid for the floor with a small cell and standard;
  • litter and litter collection tray.

The size of such a brooder: all sides by 50 centimeters. Very easy to use. The average cost is about 5,700 rubles.

There is another option cheaper and bigger broder 77 collapsible. Its dimensions are 91x52x62 centimeters. The cost is about 4000 rubles. It accommodates 77 chickens.

Now, as far as incubators are concerned, we advise you to review various options on our website. We presented reviews of incubators of different models depending on the size, work and price policy. Of course, as in the case of brooder, we advise you to pay attention to the incubators with automatic egg rotation, as well as with automatic temperature control.

Today there are many domestic models that meet all modern requirements and have a good guarantee. For example, the incubator "Ideal hen" // It is quite simple, roomy, but at the same time equipped with automatic controls. We also recommend paying attention to the PC-60 model. She likes many novice poultry farmers, cheap and simple model. But it requires control, since the coup is regulated manually.

If you have questions about any particular model of incubator, write. Always happy to help. Successes!

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