Home sweet home or how to make nests for pigeons


Pigeons are inalienable inhabitants of our cities. We meet these graceful, beautiful birds in parks, squares, on ordinary city avenues. But, like any living creature, they need their house, where they can shelter from the weather, lay eggs and raise offspring. How to make a nest for pigeons with your own hands, let's find out right now.

What should be the nest?

Each pigeon breeder must take care of its dwelling before taking a favorite bird. At the same time, it is not enough to put just a pigeon house, as they say, if only the roof was. Pigeons should feel comfortable in it and in many respects the proper nest arrangement plays here.

Properly equipped nest is the first step to successful breeding. In the loft, each bird must have its own place to sit, as well as during the mating season and its own separate apartment. For this, perches are made indoors and special places for nests are set aside. In this case, their shape and size is selected from the account of the breed. In small dovecotes, with a small number of birds, it is convenient to single out one part for roosts, and in the second, to build shelves for houses.

The size of the shelves should be something like this: length - 80, width - 40, height - 30 centimeters. You can make separate boxes of this size and install them in the dovecot as a wall. Most often, poultry farmers choose removable nest designs in the form of boxes. This allows, after the end of the mating season and after raising the chicks, to free up space in the dovecote until the next season.

It is important to remember that the nests should be well ventilated, they should be easily accessible for cleaning litter and disinfecting.Pigeons love to build their own houses, so it is important to give them that opportunity. To do this, put only the base, for example, a box and separate straw, hay and various small twigs. Each pigeon from the material provided will itself make a convenient nesting site.

Instructions for making

Today there are several types of houses for pigeons:

  1. Wooden rectangular shape;
  2. Round (most often plastic or ceramic).

You can choose any material for making it yourself, as long as it complies with environmental and sanitary standards. For example, you can pour out of plaster, cut out of wood, as well as purchase in a plastic store. The shape and size is chosen from taking into account the breed and type of pigeon. We present you the standard standard sizes:

  • Length - 300 mm;
  • The side height is 80 mm;
  • Width - 250 mm.

Wooden nest

We will need:

  • wooden board 20 mm thick;
  • metal mesh with a small cell;
  • nails;
  • hammer;
  • file;
  • sandpaper.

Manufacturing process:

  1. If you have a fresh wooden board, you need to sand it with sandpaper to an even smooth state.
  2. Making the markup, given the size.
  3. We saw the board on the components we need, considering all the walls without a bottom.
  4. We assemble a square construction.
  5. Attach the mesh bottom.

Round nest

Many golubevody prefer more round nesting shape for their birds, so we present such an option for making their own hands. We will make it out of foam plastic, this material is comfortable and warm.

We will need:

  • polyfoam sheet taking into account the size of the dovecote;
  • sharp stationery knife;
  • a pan with a bottom diameter corresponding to the diameter of the future nest;
  • PVA glue;
  • parchment;
  • construction bandage.

Manufacturing process:

  1. From a wide sheet of foam cut out rectangular blanks for future nests.
  2. Heat the pan with the desired bottom diameter, apply parchment on the blank and press in the middle of the pan. From the hot day foam will melt, creating the necessary recess.
  3. Prepare the resulting workpiece with white glue and glue the top with a building bandage. This will prevent the destruction of the material.

We also offer a look at other drawings of the various homemade dove nest options on the drawings.

Nests: a-appearance; b-size nests of plaster; c, d, d-wood; e-gypsum.




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