Gusevy as business: basic recommendations


In our country, poultry has always been popular. But practiced more as a family affair. Today, for many, this type of activity is also becoming a good source of income. Let's consider breeding geese as a business, what is its advantage and whether this bird is profitable in the farm. It will help us in all to make out the business plan and calculations that we present in this article.

Should I breed geese?

The question "Is it profitable to breed geese?" worries many who wish to do poultry business. Let's say right away - yes, profitable. Goose is a very good and profitable bird. In just two months, pedigree representatives grow to four kilograms. At the same time, the cost of feed is small, and these birds are not very demanding in terms of conditions of detention. But it is worth remembering the saying "A good goose is a good owner."

What does it mean? The fact is that the profit from the geese can be obtained only if we take into account all their needs. The first is a fairly large paddock. The second is a large amount of greenery. The third is a body of water or an artificial pond. If you already have all this, you can safely get geese. The success of such a business will not take long, and a well-thought-out work plan will help speed up the whole process.

Geese - great business

In general, geese are universal poultry. They give a lot of good meat, eggs, fluff, and are also resistant to diseases and harsh winters. You can see these birds in homestead lands even in the coldest regions of our country. With properly organized care, feeding, heating of the room, they do not lose productivity even in winter.

The main merit of geese is that they make excellent use of pasture green fodder. In the warm season, 70% of the total feed is only one green (meadow grass, vegetable tops). Birds eat many species of wild plants, for example, dandelion, plantain, meadow grass and so on. This reduces the need for additional feed and premixes.

But do not forget that the main goal of our activity is to profit from growing poultry. Therefore, the option of simply having a dozen geese, putting them in a pen and letting them graze in the meadow no longer works. For successful business, you will need the necessary equipment, a warm capital barn, good food and additional feeding for high bird productivity.

How to start and how to create a successful business?

Breeding geese in a farm will require you to comply with several basic requirements. You will also need a clear plan, which we will discuss below.

  1. Land for content. For the cultivation of poultry is best away from the city to purchase the necessary land. If most of the time you want to keep the geese on the free pasture, then choose a plot based on the calculation of 10 meters per head. In a personal backyard, to maintain around 300 heads, it will be enough to have a 40-meter paddock with access to the meadow and shed.
  2. Room For geese, it is necessary to build a major chicken house at the rate of 1 square meter. meter for 4 heads. It must be heated so that the air temperature in winter does not fall below 8 degrees. Since the cold is especially sensitive limbs of birds, they are kept only on deep bedding.
  3. SP or LLC. In order to successfully sell their products to large firms, restaurants and shops, it will be necessary to register their activities. You can IP, LLC or as a farm.
  4. Pond and meadow. It is desirable that near the farm there was a pond where birds can spend time. If there is no natural, it will be necessary to dig up the artificial one, to plant the shores with grass. For 1000 goals you need 200 square meters.
  5. Sales market. Before you start your business, you also need to pre-plan your market. Otherwise, your farm will not pay off. To do this, you should invite the veterinary service to your farm and get a certificate of quality. Gusyatina and all products from it in our country are included in the list of products that are subject to mandatory certification.
  6. Inventory. This is another very important part of starting a business. You will need to have the necessary equipment for the care of the bird, necessarily a car, as well as a place for storing feed and finished products. If the farm is large, you will need to buy a refrigerator for storing meat. For rearing and breeding poultry, an incubator, brooder, nest will be required.
  7. Youngsters The fact is that most suppliers sell birds for fattening. But in this case it is important to remember that they are bad manufacturers. For a start, it will be enough to grow goslings and only then with the proceeds to acquire tribal females and males. It is best to buy birds from breeding plants, for example, Lindovsky, Pyatnitsky, Priirtyshsky. By the way, in this case it will be easier to obtain a certificate for product quality, as the bird will already be certified.

As practice shows, it is most profitable to buy or rent an abandoned farmhouse rather than build a goose-boat from scratch. If you have a few birds, you can finish the house in your backyard.

Purchase and selection of birds

This is another important moment for a successful business. Today there are a huge number of breeds of geese for different purposes. All of them are distinguished not only by their productivity and orientation, but also by their ability to live in different climatic zones and local conditions. It is very important to receive a regular offspring.

The geese themselves are not very good parents, so it’s better to rely on the success of the incubator. For the start, we recommend to have a large gray or Kholmogor breed. By the way, the last geese hatch their eggs well enough. For the southern regions of the country, the Romenskaya and Gorky breeds are suitable, and for the middle belt - the Urals or Shadrinsk, Toulouse, Landsh, Italian. Do not strive to buy many birds at once, to begin with, not more than 500 is enough.


At the latest rates, we can make a preliminary calculation:

  • one goose incubation egg costs about 70 rubles (Linda breed);
  • gosling - from 150 to 200 rubles (home private from 60 to 150);
  • adult bird on the tribe - from 1500 rubles, depending on the breed.

So, it turns out that the price depends on how we start our farm. If we plan to buy an egg and independently grow young stock, then we need about 35,000 rubles to buy 500 eggs. If you buy diurnal youngsters, then the amount goes already more - from 75,000 to 100,000 rubles. But in this case we will save on the incubator and on the resources that will be required for the hatching of the chicks. You will also need to buy a couple of pieces of males and females for the further production of your own breeding material.

Starting capital should be an average of from 50,000 to 60,000 rubles. At this cost, we included the purchase of an incubator, brooder, inventory and feed. You can also save additional funds if you take care of the bird yourself, for example, with your family.


And now we offer to go deeper into financial affairs and consider our plan. For a start, find out the average cost of production. So, according to the latest data, the price for 1 kilogram of goose is 300-350 rubles, liver - 850 rubles per kilogram. As we said in 2 months, the breeding bird gains weight up to 4 kilograms. Total get that for the sale of one carcass, we get from 1200 to 1400 rubles. Do not forget that the price rises before Christmas, as the goose is a traditional festive dish.

Also, do not forget that you can sell eggs and down birds. The average goose (4-6 kilograms) gives 600 grams of fluff worth 3,500 rubles per kilogram. Feather and down can be allowed for the production of blankets and pillows, as well as taken to the workshops. Another plus is the implementation of the litter. Goose fertilizer is in demand among gardeners and gardeners. One goose per day gives about 1 kilogram of litter. Even by implementing this type of product in the year you can get 1000, or even more profit. As you can see, waste-free farming!

Sample business plan for growing 1000 birds:

  • renting or buying a plot for a farm with a room - 200-300 thousand rubles;
  • equipment - 150-200 thousand rubles;
  • paperwork - 15 000-20 000 rubles;
  • young animals - 150,000 - 200,000 rubles;
  • feed and operating costs for the year - 600-720 thousand rubles;

So, it turns out that we need to invest 975 - 1290 thousand rubles for the implementation of the goose farm plan.


Now, according to the plan, we will get about 1500-1700 thousand rubles from the sale of birds. If you deduct all expenses (taxes, vaccinations, certification, inspections, possible poultry diseases, etc.), then a business return on investment is planned for 1-3 years. All this also depends on the conditions, conditions and skills of the poultry farmer to conduct economic affairs in the economy.

Important! Do not forget that all calculations are approximate in terms of plan, since the pricing policy is different in different regions of the country. The farm in different areas may require additional costs for the necessary needs. To consolidate the material, we also offer to see the video.

Video "Daniel Penchalov's goose farm"

In this video you will learn about the basics of the poultry business from the mouth of the farmer himself. He tells in detail about where to start and how to successfully run your goose farm.




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