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Before you buy eared, you should pay attention to how sleep rabbits, which are nocturnal inhabitants. The innate sensitivity of the animals makes the owners think that they rarely sleep. However, the duration of their rest is 8-9 hours per day. The mode of the day for decorative individuals differs from the pastime of animals grown for meat and hides. But without a timely rest, any of the representatives of the hare family can get sick.

Characteristics of vision and resting rabbits

These animals have a feature - they can only sleep a couple of minutes. Such a dream allows the young to be energetic and continue to stay awake. Eared sleep not only lying down, but also sitting or standing.

Whether the rabbits sleep at night, determines the nature of the pet - an animal that must hide from predators. At night, to catch the moment when he is sleeping is very difficult - at the slightest rustle the animal wakes up. In addition, many breeds see well in the dark.

Because of the lateral location of the eyes, they have a good view, but the rabbit does not see what is happening in front of him. Thanks to its wide nostrils and large ears, binocular vision is being replaced. Because of this structure, fluffy distinguish only two colors - blue and green.

The rabbit body has another feature: the animals can sleep with their eyes open. Therefore, it may seem that they are awake throughout the day. The most active fluffy is early morning and late evening. He clearly distinguishes objects at dusk.

Eyes during sleep wide open. This allows you to quickly recognize the danger. At home, this often happens during the first time after a change of residence. After moving the rabbit sleeps with open eyes. However, to sleep by day or night, they need solitude and silence. Feeling safe, the animal slumbers with half-closed eyelids.

Restoration of domestic animals

The rabbit sleeps at short intervals, so he knows how to adapt to any rhythm of the host’s life. Many breeds are resting during the day when a person is busy or absent. For this reason, it is almost impossible to see the young ones asleep.

Drawing attention to the characteristic moments, the rabbit breeder can watch decorative rabbits sleep:

  • half-sitting or lying down;
  • with eyes closed or closed;
  • in the corner of the cell;
  • in sawdust or shelter.

Rabbits sleep for a long time only in a familiar setting.

Loud noises during sleep can frighten an animal and cause stress to it - due to such a negative factor, its immunity decreases, it often gets sick and eats little.

Sleep duration

How many rabbits sleep, determines their breed, food and general condition. Sick pets rest very often, and for a long time do not leave the cage. If the rabbit does not lie down or does not hide in sawdust for a long period of time - this behavior speaks of illnesses.

When animals want to sleep during the day - this is normal, as they are nocturnal animals.

For fragile rabbits the rest lasts longer. They eat a lot and get enough sleep to gain strength. To sleep they need silence and a minimum of extraneous movements, for this reason the cage with the brood hides in the far corner of the room or is taken out in a secluded place.

If the rabbit feels safe, there are no threats to his life, he will sleep a long and deep sleep.

Behavior at night

The longer the pet lives in the same environment, the faster it gets used to the constant monotonous sounds, the voices of the household. Over time, it stops responding to them.

You can soothe your pet at night if you recreate your natural habitat. It is necessary to make shelter in their homes, in which he feels safe. For example, the owner can build an artificial tunnel.

A great way to calm the rabbit is by stroking it on the top of the ears. To reduce the level of stress, you can gently cover his eyes with his hand. After a few minutes, the animal falls, stops trembling and quickly falls asleep.

Dangers in the master's bed

Lie down sleep pets can in a cage or bed owner. If the animal is very tired, it can get stuck in the corner and squint its eyes. When the rabbit is immersed in sound sleep, he does not move and does not react to extraneous movements.

It is impossible for rabbits to stay at night in a person’s bed. The owner may accidentally pin him down. Well-established sleep patterns will ensure good health for a fluffy pet. On the life expectancy of animals, see the article "How many rabbits live."

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