Chicken got sick - can it be cured?


Sick chicken. Does not eat, sits hocketed. On weight heavy. Goiter is big, but soft to the touch. Scallop - red. Belly as if inflated. Chicken booty all the time makes muscle contraction. Is it possible to cure her? Can I eat eggs from other chickens? Thanks for the willingness to help! (Tamara)

Tamara, hello. Judging by your description of the state of the chicken, I can immediately answer your last question. Eggs from other chickens can be eaten, as your diseased hen is likely to have constipation. This phenomenon is common in domestic chickens. We sometimes inaccurately observe the rate or mode of feeding, give a different waste from the table and so on. The bird could have eaten something of low quality itself, rather than causing a blockage of the intestine.

Serious "disease"

Although it is difficult to call such a condition a disease, it can still cause serious problems and worsen the health of a bird. Often, without timely intervention, the birds die. The necessary measures should be taken immediately.

First measure - diet

First, it is a diet. It is advisable to sow the bird from the rest of the herd and feed it separately. Give her liquid food, such as porridge with castor oil (1 tsp). If the bird does not want to eat, then use an ordinary syringe to force oil in. In the diet include greens, raw vegetables, chopped on the grater.

The second measure - free the intestines

Secondly, you need to try to release the intestines, that is, remove the cork. Not the most pleasant procedure, but it is necessary to do it. For this fit such a glass spatula, which is used to lay ointment on the eyes. With its help, 2-3 drops of warm castor oil should be carefully introduced into the cloaca. Then with a non-sharp object you need to try to break the cork. After a short time, the chicken should be smoked.

Elimination of cloatsita

I’ll also warn you that there is such a dangerous disease as cloacitis. According to the symptoms described by you, the problem is not similar to this ailment. But it must be deleted for sure. Observe the bird, with cloacitis redness of the cloaca and contamination of the feathers around. If deterioration is observed, show the chicken to the veterinarian.

Have you encountered constipation in chickens?

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