Chickens are dying, although there are no external signs of the disease - what is the reason?


During the winter, 5 chickens died. Chickens sit away from others, they are white, they don’t walk, then they start to fall on one paw, then they gradually get thinner, their appetite disappears and so on for about a month, then they die. There is no diarrhea or other external signs of the disease. Tell me what could be? (Eugene)

Yevhen, hello. The symptoms you describe may indicate that there are two problems in chickens: a lack of some minerals and substances, and it is also possible that this is a joint form of gout. What exactly, just find it difficult to answer, so you need to act simultaneously in two directions.

Lack of trace elements

Many experts all the time say - a balanced diet, proper feeding, mode, vitamin and mineral supplements. All this is not easy words, but a very important point in the content of chickens. Eugene, I have no doubt that your hens have a full balanced diet. But often this is not enough for various reasons.

Since the birds started to hurt in winter, I tend to believe that the lack of greenery, lack of sunlight and walks could cause a malfunction in the body. Perhaps not quite high-quality grain. I mean poor in vitamins and microelements. If producers do not take into account land use norms, then the grain may be deprived of all trace elements.

For example, problems with limbs, joints are often caused by a lack of vitamins of group B. It can also cause this phenomenon a shortage in the diet of manganese, calcium and other elements. However, it may be the opposite, an excess of calcium. Although it is unlikely.

I would advise you to start an enhanced vitamin-mineral complex of your birds. Even if the reason is not in this, in any case, such an action would not be superfluous. In the spring chickens always need to replenish the missing substances.

Uric acid diathesis or gout

Now for the possible reasons for the death of your hens. Quite possibly! The fact is that chickens are subject to this ailment for various reasons:

  • improper diet, glut of proteins (high protein feed, fish and meat and bone meal);
  • lack of vitamin A and B6, B12;
  • lack of greenery;
  • hypothermia, poor ventilation;
  • excess phosphorus

To fix this problem, you need to start a course of treatment of birds with soda. To do this, add bicarbonate soda to your drinking water. Dosage - 10 grams per bird or 2-4 grams per 1 kg of feed. Give soda for 14 days. You can also use the drug atofan 0.5 grams per head.

Council of lovers

Some amateur poultry breeders write that a drug like Furazolidone helped them cope with a similar problem. He was given twice a day for a week, 1/8 of a pill for each chicken. But I personally cannot say anything for such a method of treatment, because I do not know the spectrum of action of this drug.

If any other symptoms appear, be sure to report. If the condition worsens, it is better to contact your local veterinarian for help. May require laboratory analysis. Successes!


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