How to make an autodrinker for chickens and chickens from plastic bottles?

Tell me how to make an autodrinker for chickens and chickens from plastic bottles - 5 liter and 2 liter? (Nina Alexandrovna)

Nina Alexandrovna, hello. Your question is understandable, since plastic packaging is well suited for domestic use. Such material is well washed and is always available. The problem of proper organization of drinkers for chickens is also understandable. You can simply put a container with water, but the bird will pollute it all the time. Therefore, I will offer you the simplest, but quite functional option.

Instructions for making

So, a convenient and functional drinking bowl is easy to make from both 5 and 2 liter bottles. We will hang our option to the wall, which will simultaneously solve the problem of water pollution.

  1. So, first we need to take a plastic bottle for a large volume of water. Trim the neck about 15 centimeters from the cap. It turns out like a bowl.
  2. We take another suitable eggplug (2 or 1.5 liters), remove the lid and fasten it to the inside of the bowl we cut earlier with the help of screws. As a result, we should have a cap in the cap.
  3. After that, in the bottle at a distance of about 10 centimeters from the neck, we make small holes. The level of the holes should be below the side of the bowl.
  4. We insert, or rather we twist our container into the previously prepared base, pour water through a large neck, turn it over and now everything is ready. Due to the atmospheric pressure acting on the water in the tank, the water level will not rise above the holes.
  5. We fasten the drinker to the wall or insert it into a pre-made frame according to the volume of the container.

That's all ready. For greater clarity, I propose to watch the video.



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