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The article will discuss how to make a pen for rabbits. This is a place where animals can walk and breathe. This design is not used for permanent habitat of animals in it. Usually, krols live in cages, but they need a walking space. This is an additional maintenance of a healthy lifestyle of eared individuals. To carry out such walking, you can buy a ready-made pen or build it yourself. Such a device is made for both the pet and the herd.

Healthy weight

Corral for rabbits in appearance may resemble a cage, but this is not quite so. The design is much larger and the animals move freely in it. It is advisable to let them out for a walk in dry weather.

The structure has no bottom, so the rabbits in the pen have free access to the grass and everything that is on the ground. The device should be located where there are no dangerous or sharp objects, as well as where toxic vegetation does not grow. The design includes only the side walls and the roof (floor), sometimes the floor.

The corral may have a small weight and due to this it is transferred to different free-standing areas. It does not require large cash costs and physical effort. Having created such a place for animals, you can leisurely engage in the construction of permanent cages (if initially they are not yet).

In the pens, rabbits are almost always in motion. This is a kind of natural habitat for them. This way of life allows you to quickly gain weight and maintain the health of animals. They are less sick when they have the opportunity to walk. The constant presence in the cells makes them empty near food and breathe droppings, which is practically impossible in large areas.

The advantage of this content is that it is easy to care for animals - to clean and feed them. When there are several rabbit babies on the farm, then they all take care of the young stock on the walking.

If rabbits for rabbits have a capital construction, then it is advisable to deepen the walls of the netting under the ground, as animals can dig and escape. Of course, the area of ​​the site should be larger, because the product can no longer be moved to another place.

On the street and in the house

For home decorative rabbits who live in an apartment, it is also not uncommon to make pens. These are usually lattice panels connected to each other without a roof. The height must be at least 1 m. In such an open-air cage, the house should be placed on a normal wall, and not on the grille, so that the rabbit does not jump out. Cover the top do in case there are other potentially dangerous animals.

Sometimes a home aviary is made of a wooden frame and transparent plastic sheets (plexiglas or rigid lattice), but this is a rather expensive option, although it is environmentally friendly.

Corral allows the rabbit to lead an active lifestyle in the apartment. You can not worry that he gnaws or damage something important. Sometimes such enclosures are made multi-level, with various moves, labyrinths and bridges. The structures should have everything you need - a tray, feeders, a sleeping house and digging tanks (with paper, straw, earth or clean sand).

When a large number of rabbits are kept in a household with no cells, except for the captive method (which was mentioned above), there is pasture. This is when the animals for some time (up to six months) are on the grass.

The pasture method requires a large fenced area, which will be considered a pen for rabbits. There you can sow suitable vegetation, forage crops, shrubs. It is necessary to build a gable roof from rain and wind. Also, the plot is divided into two or three smaller. On one krolya they graze, and on others grass and nutritious cultures grow up.

Design requirements

The rabbits for rabbits are always individual in size. This is influenced by the number of heads and the physiological characteristics of animals. As already mentioned, it is desirable to slightly penetrate the side fences into the ground. The walls are made of such height that the eared gun could easily stand in growth - this is minimal, it is possible and higher. From above the pen is mandatory covered with a metal grid or the usual soft one. She will not allow animals to get out and will become protection from any predator.

There should be no overcrowding of animals in the pen because it leads to stress, fights and injuries. If the territory has an area of ​​20 square meters. m, then there can be placed 5 females and 20-30 rabbits. Or, alternatively, only 25 young fledged rabbits.

If the rabbit has never been taken to the pen, then they are trained to walk from 2.5-3 months, in spring or autumn. Adult males can be brought to females, but only if the rabbits are 10 times smaller. If there is breeding animals, then in the pen it is possible to keep 1 individual of the male sex for 5-10 individuals of the female sex.

In such walking areas for rabbits, you can install houses or cages, there are also provided and feeders.

Then we will tell you how to make a pen for rabbits with your own hands. We will consider the device of a portable type of iron mesh. It should be borne in mind that there is 1 square meter per 1 rabbit.

Do it yourself

In order to make such a pen for a rabbit, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • welded mesh with a cell of 5x5 cm (length for each has its own);
  • soft mesh for coating (or the same as for walls);
  • wire;
  • slats (wooden or steel);
  • pliers.

Sometimes slate sheets are used for roofing.

First of all, the frame is assembled in the place where the content of the rabbits is planned. To do this, you need to install rails around the perimeter. The whole structure, with supports and ceilings, must be recessed into the ground, approximately by 20-30 cm. When its area is small, it is easily rearranged from place to place. Sometimes it’s inconvenient or not desirable to dig in the whole structure. Then you can make a bottom out of a metal grid so that the crawls do not run away.

When the frame is ready, you need to tighten the net and fasten it with wire. You can make a pen and frameless. For this purpose, a metal grid in the form of sheets, which are also connected by wire, will form a form of an open-air cage or large cage.

Part of the pen can be covered with slate - it will be a kind of shelter from the rain. When the design is done in one place (stationary), then it is possible to build a door in it, for convenient access to animals.

After reading the article "What should be a cage for rabbits," you will learn how to make a comfortable home for your pet.

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