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If you keep decorative ears in an apartment, then you need to spend a lot of time on them, watching what the rabbit is playing with and taking part in such a game. Animals belonging to the family of hares are naturally highly mobile and cannot be kept exclusively in cages. It is necessary to give the opportunity to these little animals to run around the apartment, getting acquainted with its sights. And the best thing to do with your pet, which will certainly protect your home from a complete defeat.

Moving and inquisitive animals

Having decided to purchase a rabbit and make it a full-fledged member of your family, be prepared for the fact that you will have to treat this animal as another child. And it is very cunning, picky and harmful, capable of creating a mess in the apartment in a short time.

Even a good-natured, decorative rabbit requires constant attention. Releasing the animal from the cage for a daily walk, without which you can not do, you risk in half an hour to see in the apartment a mountain of garbage, stripped wallpaper, as well as the bitten legs of wooden tables and chairs.

In fact, this is a normal phenomenon and any feeling lack of attention to the animal will do just that.

The only way out is a joint game, during which the attention of the animal is occupied by toys. Special wisdom with how to play with rabbits, does not exist. The main thing is that you always be near him, and the objects used for the game should correspond to the size of the animal itself.

Go to the game gradually

Starting games with your pet is best only after he gets used to your voice and hands, begins to respond to his name. Otherwise, he will hide in hard to reach places, and getting him out is very inconvenient.

The first time together with him often survey the apartment, occasionally stroking the animal and taking it in his arms. In the future, you can go to a joint game using the objects at hand.

You can play catch-up with him. The rabbit will gladly run away, hiding under the elements of the interior, and then catch up with you. Especially animals like to look for the owner, unexpectedly hiding behind the door.

During the game with the rabbit at home, beware of making sharp movements and in any case do not shout.

Remember that compared to a pet, you are a real giant and you can accidentally scare him very much.

With great pleasure, the rabbits are playing tug of the rope. Just tie a piece of treat at one end and try to tease the animal. At the end of the game, be sure to give him a snack.

The best toys for the decorative rabbit

It is not always possible to make time to play with your pet. Therefore, it is necessary to create conditions for the animal to play more by itself. To do this, use a variety of toys and accessories. Best suited for such purposes:

  • a small, not heavy ball that a rabbit can roll around the apartment (if the animal is not very shy, then the ball may be ringing inside);
  • wooden carrot, which the pet is allowed to nibble;
  • ordinary small toy dog;
  • linen or cotton cloth, in which the animal can rummage;
  • cardboard base from the roll for toilet paper, which rolls well on the floor and is convenient for turning teeth.

For rabbit fun, place a medium-sized cardboard box on the floor in which to make several holes. For animals, it will become an imitation of the hole, and the opportunity to pop up from different sides will add a special joy to the game of your pet.

Do not forget the branches for grinding teeth

If you are ready to carry out daily cleaning in the apartment, then put on the floor a pile of old newspapers or an unnecessary book. Animals love to tear paper, and a rabbit under a sofa or wardrobe can even create their own nest of pieces.

Remember that decorative rabbits need to grind ever-growing teeth. If you forget to give them sprigs of trees or did not buy a wooden carrot, then be prepared to see traces of rabbit teeth on the furniture. A broom left unattended can be rendered unusable in just a few days.

Some animals enjoy chasing mice. You can buy them at any pet store or order via the Internet.

But be careful. If your pet is afraid of such a toy, then in no case direct it to the animal. Try to teach the rabbit to run after the clockwork mouse, and if this does not work, then it is better to give the mouse to your friends.

Soft toy for cages and aviaries

If the decorative rabbit lives in an apartment alone, then he may need a friend with whom he will be able to constantly communicate. For this perfect soft toy, the size of which is smaller than the rabbit. Best of all, if it is made of natural materials and stuffed with cotton.

The animal will be happy to carry a soft toy and sleep with it. You can also throw into the cage a few pieces of natural fabric (linen, cotton, silk), which the rabbit will be happy to sort out and shift from place to place.

In no case should you give your pet a toy made of plastic, as the rabbit will gnaw it and may be poisoned by harmful substances.

Remember that the game should not be dangerous for your pet. The main task is the simple occupation of his time and increase the mobility of the animal.

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