How to trim the claws of the rabbit


Why and how to cut the claws of the rabbit, we will tell in this article. Do not neglect the care of pets. Unwillingness to carry out, in general, a simple procedure, can lead to the fact that the animal will hurt you and yourself. Do not worry if you have never before cut the claws of animals. After reading the article to the end, you will not only learn the technique itself, but also understand why to do it, how to pick up a tool, how to prepare an eared mouse, and how to help it if something goes wrong.

10 reasons for the need to remove claws

In the wild, lagomorphic claws are erased during movement on stony soil. But in captivity it is necessary to cut the nails of the rabbit to avoid trouble. Violation of this postulate leads to many problems:

  • scratching people around;
  • hurting yourself;
  • the formation of corns in the heels;
  • claw twisting;
  • finger fractures;
  • problems with movement;
  • disruption of the development of joints;
  • turning the paws;
  • poor posture;
  • irreversible changes in the structure of the skeleton.

All this explains whether it is necessary to cut the claws of an ornamental rabbit and how dangerous it is to avoid this procedure. In the worst case, the animals die because they can not move normally and are constantly experiencing pain. If you live in a private house, you can organize a stony corral for rabbits, where they will run and erase their claws, as happens in the wild

Appeal to the specialist: pros and cons

Not everyone wants or can mess with rabbit claws at home, so they turn to the vet. Let's talk about whether you can do without trips to a specialist, or it is worth trusting this work only to him. An unambiguous solution does not exist, because everything depends on free time and money.

Processing rabbit claws can be compared with a human manicure. We trim and process nails in the salon, as this work is of higher quality.

But trimming the nails of the rabbit in the cabin is not cost-effective, since it is an expensive procedure. In addition, you will need to find free time every 3-4 weeks to take the animal to the veterinarian. And if you consider that such trips are stressful for eared fish, it is more convenient to learn how to handle claws yourself.

Tool selection and its operation principle

To keep track of the claws of the rabbit, do not use ordinary scissors, they harm the animal. Nail plates will begin to break and crumble, causing discomfort. It is necessary to purchase a specialized device in the store, which cuts off the eared nails with a single click.

To cut the claws of the rabbit, use the guillotine. The tool is suitable not only for eared animals, but also for other pets. Their peculiarity is that they are equipped with a limiter that does not damage the legs. The principle of operation is simple: thrust the claw into the hole and squeeze the handles.

Choose a guillotine with rubber handles so that they do not slide when shearing. And make sure you buy a quality tool. If you take a bad claw cutter, then after several haircuts, it will become dull and begin to bend the claws of the animal, causing pain.

Prepare yourself and pet

The main preparation for nail clipping is to study the materials and inspect the tool with which you have to work. It is necessary to study all the security measures, check the operation of the instruments and work out the technology. Before you begin cutting the claw, determine the length you want to remove.

Next, you should prepare the rabbit to handle claws. The animal should be completely calm. Take care that he does not move, does not break out, and does not kick you with his paws. To calm him down, put the pet on your lap and slowly stroke his tum.

It is recommended to prepare rabbits in advance in order to keep the claws haircut calmly. To do this, often place it on your lap. At the same time, slowly pull up his paws, so that the animal understands that such manipulations do not harm him.

Variants of Ears Fixation

There are several ways to block the movement of rabbits, so that it is easier to cut their claws. The most common option is laying the crooked crotch on your lap with your back down. But it is necessary to teach animals to such manipulations from an early age, otherwise they will behave restlessly. Learn more in the article "How to take rabbits on your hands."

A convenient way to restrain rabbits is to fix it on a table in a sitting position. To do this, the animals are planted on the edge of the tabletop, turn sideways to them, and wrap their arms around them. In such a position, eared animals feel "like in a house" and quickly calm down.

A good option is swaddling rabbits. With this method, they are wrapped in a towel and alternately pull out the legs. The main thing is that "at liberty" there should be only one limb, otherwise the animals can escape.

Interestingly, in an unfamiliar room, rabbits are more likely to calm down, rather than being in a familiar environment.

Step-by-step instruction

Let's look at how to trim the claws of a rabbit. The first thing to do after fixing is to press a little on the pad of your foot so that the nail appears. Then he is examined to determine the boundary of the pulp (there are concentrated capillaries and nerve endings).

Having determined its location, retreat 3-5 mm, place the claw in the guillotine and cut. Trimmed, but pointed nails can be treated with a large nail file. Make a cut carefully so as not to hurt your nerves, otherwise the rabbits will experience severe stress and it will be difficult to finish the procedure.

If all of you have touched a pulp and blood has gone at a rabbit, do not panic. Take pre-prepared hydrogen peroxide and cotton wool. Try to stop the bleeding. If this fails, take the rabbit to the vet.

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