How can we stop a rabbit biting

About why the decorative rabbit bites and how to deal with it, will be discussed in our article. Recently, many give birth to such furry pets and face a number of problems. People are surprised by the aggressive behavior of these, at first glance, cute animals. But you will understand that there are not so many oddities in this if you find out the reasons for their actions. Surprisingly, the smarter the eared mouse, the more dangerous it can be if you do not find an approach to it. Read on for how to do this.

Factors provoking aggression

Why rabbits bite depends on many factors. One of the reasons may be sexual overstimulation, when animal hormones are very high. On the other hand, the animal may lack your attention, and it uses the only available way to attract it.

Rabbits are harmless, but can bite you if they protect their home or offspring. The psychology of these animals is such that they will protect their homes even from a familiar person, so try not to invade their territory. If strangers touch them, their restless reaction is understandable.

A rabbit bite is not dangerous, but can be very painful, especially if the wound is not treated on time. Remember that animals are carriers of rabies, although this is not common with domestic ears. In order not to worry about this issue, do not forget to vaccinate animals.

Behavioral features

Why the rabbit bites is what worries the new-born livestock breeders who do not understand the subtleties of animal psychology. Most often the reason lies in the characteristics of the nature of the animal. He shows you his temper, and not trying to cause real harm.

Rabbits express dissatisfaction through weak biting - this is their way of communicating with a person. If the young begin to bite, then most likely they are hungry and just ask you for food. The same reaction of the animals to the favorite smells of the products, so wash your hands thoroughly before taking the animal.

Rabbits - curious animals who love to taste everything - this is their way to experience the world. Therefore, biting the owner may indicate that the animals are bored, or they are studying you. Calcium deficiency is a physiological reason that eared gnaws nibble everything around to get the body missing.

Adaptation in the new family

When decorative rabbits appear in a house, it is not always easy. It happens that animals are hostile to a person in advance and try to bite you when they try to contact you. The reason for this is the negative experience of communicating with people, perhaps the injury received from old breeders.

You or your loved ones could also offend an animal without even noticing it. What to do in such situations depends on the state of the pet. It may be worth giving him time to get used to the new family and prove that you are not seeking to harm him and do not encroach on his territory: the cell.

Be sure to create a rabbit positive emotions. If he comes in contact with you, do not chase him so as not to scare away at all. Talk with your pet, call him by name, play and caress - this is the most direct way to earn the trust of the animal. With a little patience, the eared mouse will love you and stop biting and scratching.

Options for responding to aggression, depending on its premises

How to wean a rabbit bite depends on why it does it. If the reason is a lack of calcium, then put in a cell twigs and pieces of chalk, will be the solution. If the animal bites you during cleaning, then try to prove to him that the process does not pose a threat: distract the animal with your favorite food, put everything in its former places.

Try not to frighten the rabbits, as in stressful situations they will protect themselves by attacking the source of the threat. Do not do anything that contradicts the will of the animal: do not iron, do not take on your hands. Wait for the animal itself to contact you. So, you are more likely to find a common language with your pet.

Rabbits do not like sudden movements and surprises, so start talking to your pet from afar. Call him by name, announcing his approach.

Do not be rude to animals - it repels them. If negative behavior is caused by sexual dissatisfaction, then only a veterinarian can solve the problem. And never touch the nose of rabbits unnecessarily - this is their most sensitive area.

Learning to behave correctly

If a rabbit or other individual behaves aggressively and cannot get used to a new person, you should correct your behavior:

  • be calm and friendly;
  • do not yell at rabbits;
  • do not make noise near them;
  • iron only the sides;
  • treat the rabbit with his favorite delicacies;
  • Do not scold or punish the animal;
  • handle it with care;
  • make sure that children do not bother the new family member;
  • talk to your pet more;
  • Do not leave the rabbit alone for long.

Do not worry, rabbits quickly adapt, and after a while you will not know the hassle with your pet.

If the above measures did not help and the rabbit continues to bite you - just ignore it, as it shows you its primacy. If you do not pay attention, the animal will understand that you are not applying for the role of leader in his kingdom and calm down.

Actions in case of injury: is it dangerous for a person

It is very difficult to suffer seriously from the bite of a domestic rabbit, but in some cases a wound can be serious. If the animal hurt you, and the bleeding has opened, but it is vaccinated against rabies - you should not be afraid for your health. The main thing is to handle the place of contact with the teeth of the animal.

Stop the blood with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, and treat the bite with an antiseptic (iodine, brilliant green, alcohol). Apply a clean bandage to the wound and tape it, or tie it up with a bandage. Usually, damage quickly passes, but in some cases inflammation (edema, redness) may begin. In this case, consult a doctor.

Worse, if you are bitten by a rabbit, not vaccinated against rabies. Then you should immediately go to the hospital where you will receive proper care. Remember, the disease is deadly to humans, so do not neglect the danger.

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