How to move hens from one place to another?


How to move the hens from one place to another so that the stress was minimal? (Fatima)

Hello, Fatima. Thank you for your question, as it is very important. I think many poultry farmers have noticed how sharply the egg production of chickens decreases if they experience stress when they change their surroundings or move. Birds, like any other animals, get used to their mode and daily routine, to the conditions and habitat. But what to do if such a phenomenon as a move is inevitable? In this case, you can recommend to do a few basic techniques.

Option 1

The first option is if you transfer the chickens to a new house or a barn, which is located next to the old one. For example, you have increased the population or decided to upgrade the building. In this case, pre-adaptation will help minimize stress. What does it mean? You need to teach and make love a new place for the hens before they move to it.

For example, you can give food in a new place. Chickens are well aware of the feeding time, they know their feeding trough, so at the right time they will run after you and with food. However, do not forget that birds remember new places for a long time, so it will not be enough several times. Do a new way at least a week and a half.

Option 2

If the house or barn is in the same area as the old one, try to let the chickens out whenever possible. Let the bird get used to its setting. Out of curiosity, some bold layers can enter a new building, check what's inside. Other birds will follow.

Option 3

Things are much more difficult if birds need to be transported to a completely new place at all. Here, stress is indispensable, but you can try to reduce it. For example, try to make the interior of a house or a new place not too different from the old one. Try not to change the color scheme, the location of the nests, perches.

Be sure to transfer to the new place after thorough cleaning and processing of the old trough, drinking trough, roost, nests. If you want to replace them, do not do everything at once. You can put at once two kinds of perches: old and new. Birds will sit at their usual and get used to the new. The same applies to the feeders, drinkers, nests and other equipment.

In general, adaptation in chickens proceeds quickly and easily. As a rule, poor productivity and nervousness can be traced in the first 5-7 days. After this, the egg production returns to normal. Do not forget about the proper care and feeding of poultry. Compliance with the schedule and all the necessary rules will help speed up the process of adaptation. Successes!

How did you deal with stress in chickens after their transportation?

  • Did not fight, the hens themselves moved away
  • Fought their methods
  • Used the methods proposed on your site


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