Chickens wheeze, sneeze, they have snot running and their eyes are closed - what to do?


What if the chickens wheeze, sneeze, snot flow and their eyes are closed? (Pahar Lyudmila)

Hello, Ludmila. Thank you for your question and hurry to answer it. Let us say at once that the symptoms described by you may indicate both the manifestation of the common cold in chickens and more serious ailments at the initial stage. Of course, the treatment of poultry depends on the correct diagnosis. But in this case it is very difficult to determine the disease without examining the birds and carrying out the necessary tests.

Consider the most likely causes of these symptoms and their treatment methods, assuming that your chickens have good nutrition and proper housing conditions.

Cold or hypothermia

Chickens are very vulnerable to any drafts and lower temperatures. The first symptoms of a cold are just manifested in sneezing, coughing, the occurrence of a runny nose and lacrimation. In such cases, the bird should be placed in a brooder or under a lamp, increase the amount of vitamins and apply an antibiotic to eliminate subsequent inflammation. For example, you can use Baytril or other available antibiotic.

If you are negative about such drugs, try using traditional herbal decoctions. For example, chamomile, nettle infusion is well suited for babies. They can be buried in the eyes and nose.

Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract

The symptoms you describe may occur in chickens in the event of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. For example, it can be pharyngitis, laryngitis, laryngotracheitis and so on. In this case, I do not advise you to delay with medical treatment, as the bird can get sick more and die on the background of a weakened immunity.

Recently, the drug Monklavit has proven itself to treat such manifestations. For more information on how to treat chickens for similar diseases, also read on our website //


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