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The sonorous and memorable names of rabbits help not only to distinguish the producers in the industrial rabbit breeding, but also to establish communication with the decorative pet living in your apartment. Ushastik are intelligent animals and quickly get used to the nickname, reacting to it. The sonorous nickname allows you to tell him about the time of lunch, getting a treat or going for a walk. If necessary, you will be able to scold a pet, who will immediately understand that they are turning to him.

About the need for a name

Eared animals have a well-developed brain, containing a large, relative to the whole body weight, amount of gray matter. These animals differ in behavioral instincts and easily adapt to life in a farm or private household. They perfectly find a common language with the owners, responding to the comments and commands relating to them.

Assigning a name to a rabbit is extremely important in industrial rabbit breeding, where you need to select the best producers and the most prolific rabbits. As a rule, such nicknames are recorded in special books, and veterinary passports are issued for thoroughbred manufacturers.

Usually the name of the rabbit, selected for the reproduction of livestock, assigned to the nickname of the father. To do this, use the first letter, and the nickname of the little rabbit must necessarily begin with it. This helps the farmer, containing hundreds of animals, to select the right male or female for mating.

Choosing a nickname is a responsible approach.

The pedigree does not play a significant role in home decorative rabbit breeding, and most owners prefer to change the baby’s name to a more appropriate one right after the purchase.

In this situation, the nicknames for rabbits are just an element of their communication with the owner, who for several years will manage all the processes of their life.

By choosing a name for rabbits that live in your apartment, you need to approach very seriously and responsibly. After all, this fluffy little ball lives on average 5-7 years, and all these years you will have to communicate with it.

Best of all, if the names for decorative rabbits reflect the characteristics of the nature of animals. Calling the baby Shustrik, Runner, Sonya, Ottoman, Shkodnik or the Bandit you will simplify the communication of relatives with a pet. Especially if you have several eagles in your house at once.

Everyone will immediately understand who the host is addressing and respond accordingly.

Consider the constitution and color of pets

Many pet owners try to give the rabbits beautiful names corresponding to their appearance. Fluffy Angora, depending on the color of the fur, you can call the Cloud or the Dandelion, and the representative of the colored dwarf breed - Red, Chocolate, or Sweet.

Fur animals have dozens of colors and shades, can be downy, medium and high density, as well as have a long and short pile. Therefore, the options for pet nicknames - an unlimited number.

Depending on the size and type of animal ears can be called Ushastikami or Lop-eaves. For a decorative rabbit, the assignment of human names is also permissible. Some owners refer to this issue with humor and call pets in honor of relatives, work managers or individual colleagues.

It sounds very unusual and funny when the boy is given the name of absolutely bald Boris Stepanovich to a fluffy Angora rabbit and the good-natured gray giantess is undersized and overly aggressive Valentina Alexandrovna.

Owners can give nicknames to rabbits, starting from the month of birth of animals. For example, to call the animal Yana, Fibrik, Martha, Aprelka.

Choosing a nickname for a male

Choosing names for rabbits boys try not to hurry. For several days, observe the behavior of an animal that has adapted to life in the new conditions. Pay special attention to such qualities:

  • mobility;
  • having a good appetite and special taste preferences;
  • Does your rabbit like to sleep and where does he prefer to do it?
  • how it relates to being in the hands of the owner;
  • how he communicates with other pets and whether he likes to fight;
  • Is it possible to let him out of the cage for a long time and whether it is in danger of ruining your home?

When choosing names for rabbit boys, be sure to consider its color and standard breed sizes, which it will reach at the age of 4-5 months. Agree that it is unusual to call the Gnome a giant animal, weighing 6-8 kg, and the Terrible Giant - a dwarf animal.

It is best to choose a name consisting of two syllables. It is easy to pronounce such a nickname for rabbits boys by stretching a word and thereby attracting the pet's attention.

If you buy a crochet as a gift for a child who loves cartoons, you can call Roger and Bugs Bunny Fluffy. But it is still better to dwell on the traditional nickname, which will be quickly and easily remembered by all households. Most importantly, the pet will quickly get used to it.

For dwarf breeds, nicknames are great - Nathan, Funtik, Totoshka, and for large pets - Baloo, Donut or Crocodile.

Name for girl

Rabbits have a delicate physique, so the names for rabbits of girls are preferable to choose softer ones. Remember that pets with regular communication quickly become accustomed to their nickname and respond to it.

Females are most often purchased as a gift for little girls who use the animal as a living toy or as a friend in the game. For this reason it will be very correct if you give the animal a human name that your child can easily remember.

If your girl really likes cartoons, then call the rabbit Ruby or Juicy Hopps. Depending on the color of the fur, it is possible to call Ushastik Snowball, Caramel. You can assign names that have a certain mystery: Chantal, Alicia, Lia, Fiona.

If a child does not speak well enough letters, then try not to be in the name of the animal. And the very name of the rabbit pronounce smoothly stretching syllables: Fe-dya, Mu-Xia, Se-ne-ka.

To accustom to the name gradually

To make your pet quickly accustomed to the name, do not make it too long. As mentioned above, the ideal are nicknames consisting of two syllables.

If you insist on a long and sonorous name, then come up with a simplified version, which you will call the animal.

Your Isabel can be Izey, and Violetta can be called Lola, Louis can be called Dyudy, and Napoleon can be called Polycom. In this case, you save the sonority of the full name of the eared friend and give him a diminutive nickname that your children will love.

In the first days, say the pet's name in a low voice and in the same key. The animal should get used to the nickname and begin to respond to it.

Be sure to encourage your pet. Give him a slice of cracker, apple, or other delicacy he likes. In no case can not treat the animal chocolates. The sugar contained in them is very harmful for the health of the rabbit and can cause digestive problems.

Be sure to talk to your pet.

Be sure to call the decorative rabbit by name during the game, as well as when you caress it, holding it in your arms. Smart animals will quickly remember the nickname and will respond to it. This will help you call the animal hiding under the sofa for lunch and scold him for the mess in the apartment.

Using the nickname it will be much easier to teach the animal to the cat tray and the fact that you can grind your teeth only in a specially designated place, and not on the furniture legs. Read more about this in the article "How to tame and train a rabbit."

Some rabbit breeders recommend giving pets a name that contains whistling and hissing sounds. In their opinion, such nicknames are remembered by animals much faster, and they react to them faster.

Officially, this observation has not been confirmed by experts, but personal experience of keeping rabbits shows that this approach should be tried.

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