We independently make the machine for sow


In small and medium-sized farms engaged in breeding pigs, much of the equipment is done by the farm owners personally. In this article we will talk about how to make a sow machine with your own hands, and how it should be.

What should be the machine?

In farms, cages for pigs that have recently been farrowed are commonly used. A machine for a sow, made by hand or by a factory method, must equally meet all the requirements for the comfort and safety of an adult pig and its young. Cells ideally should be designed for the joint maintenance of an adult and babies with the possibility of their separation before feeding. In the next video you can clearly see how the piglets are conveniently located near the mother.

The dimensions of a typical machine (pen) for a nursing pig are about 2.5 meters in length, and about 1.9 meters in width. If the pig is located diagonally in the machine, the length of the pen can be reduced by about 20 cm. Thus, the total area of ​​this territory will be about 4 square meters. m. European measurements of the size of pens - from 3.8 to 4.2 square meters. m

Losses of pigs are about the same in both spacious and smaller machines. Remember that the floor of this part of the room should be located under a slight slope so that the waste can flow into the pan.

The entire bottom surface of the machine, that is, its floor, must be completely slotted, with a small section of wood or plywood covering where the sow will rest. The waste part should be cleaned regularly. What does this look like in general? Pigs at the time of feeding the pups are placed in a cage, limiting its movement. Usually the animal lies quietly while the piglets suck milk.

The slotted floor allows waste not to accumulate in the pen, and the tray under the pen is easy to get and clean. Finished prefabricated machines can be taken as a basis for the model that you will do with your own hands. The video below shows in detail from which parts the machine is assembled and how to assemble it.

How to make it?

The sowing machine does not do without a special limiting cage. It is necessary for fixing the animal in the process of feeding piglets. DIY hand-made pig cages should look something like a factory sample (you can see it in the photo in the article). The best material for a typical cage is galvanized steel pipes, which can be bought in large building supermarkets. The width of the finished cage is not less than 50 and not more than 70 cm, and the adjustable length is from 1.4 to 2 meters.

The height of the improvised cage: from 100 to 110 cm. Consider how the cage will stand - diagonally or one of the walls. Also consider fixing (especially if placed against a wall). From the floor to the beginning of the lower pipe there should be a distance of about 30 cm. To make the machine and the cage, you will definitely need several types of materials and fasteners, as well as preliminary drawings.

Necessary tools

For the manufacture of the desired design with your own hands, you need most of these tools and accessories:

  • Bulgarian (for metal) or circular saw (for sawing boards);
  • welding machine;
  • protective mask, welding gloves;
  • steel and galvanized pipes (approximately 5 cm in diameter);
  • roulette for marking future designs;
  • planks and wooden bars (you can cut and make your own hands);
  • steel grill with perforation (for the floor);
  • lamp for heating piglets;
  • fastenings of various types (as well as bolts, nuts, curtains and other accessories for fastening parts of the structure to each other);
  • screwdriver, hammer, nails.

Phased instruction

So, we proceed to making the construction “machine for sow” with our own hands. First make a cage.

  1. To do this, you will need to take the pipes and connect them with each other approximately as shown in the photo. The connection takes place by welding. All moving parts of the construction are connected by loops or suspensions. Currently, there are many similar structures. They either move or are fixed on suspensions-supports with the possibility of removal.
  2. If the feeding cage is supposed to be built into the wall, this is done at a distance of 30 cm from the floor surface on hangers or on special metal posts. They are also mounted on the floor with a distance of 20 cm between them.
  3. The third option is to place the fixing structure on special barriers. The welded pipes are put on the supports and welded, or fixed so that you can remove the cage and move it.

The machine for the sow must be fenced on all sides, on one of them is the entrance for the animal - the movable wall of the pen. Piglets' sleeper is made warm by hanging a heating lamp above it. The easiest option is to fence off a small height with a flap (50-70 cm) part of the pen. Then the pig, restless at first after giving birth, will not harm babies. The narrowness of the farrowing cell does not allow the uterus to run around the machine; it can only lie on its side or stand.

In front of the structure, the drinking bowl and the feeder are attached, but at such a height that piglets, up to the age of 15 days, do not have access to the food of adult pigs (approximately 50 cm from the floor). Next, we present an approximate scheme of the simplest common pen, which contains young pigs and an adult pig.

The scheme of the machine for sows with piglets

Security measures

In order to not harm the pets with your own hands, it is necessary to adhere to security measures when forming the machine. Plastic floor elements have a large width of the slots, so it is better to use cast iron. This will prevent the sow nipples from getting into the floor. Boards for walls or partitions of wood should be carefully processed, cleaned, and lamps suspended at a safe distance.




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