Peculiarity of keeping rabbits in aviaries


For full breeding is very convenient captive content of rabbits. It can be provided in the apartment and on the street. The design allows you to constantly be on the air and in motion, which helps to maintain the health of the herd. The method of breeding rabbits in enclosures requires free space in front of the cage or shed on a dry area. The area depends on the number of heads, (per 25 sq. M. - up to 30 individuals).

Street life

Rabbits are freedom-loving animals, but they are often bred and kept in cramped cages. In them, the movement of animals is constrained, so there are stresses and apathy. Aviaries, on the contrary, resemble a natural habitat. Judging by the reviews of rabbit breeders, with this content, animals are much less sick.

Rabbit enclosures are usually attached to the shed, using a netting net for fencing. Along the wall you can arrange animal houses and nests for little rabbits. In the open air, krols feel uncomfortable, so you can also build awnings. Usually in shaded places, eared animals like to dig holes. One place is suitable for green fodder, twigs or hay.

With the help of the grid you can make and corral for eared. Its difference from the enclosure is that it does not have a bottom, and the collapsible design can even be moved to any suitable place. Details in the article "About the pens for rabbits."

Feeders and drinkers in the aviary should be nailed to the walls so that the rabbits do not overturn them. At the same time, there may be several water tanks, and a large one for food. To prevent damage by parasites, animals should be given wormwood and walnut leaves. Of course, you can not do without disinfecting the captive place. To do this, a decoction of liquor.

The content of rabbits in the enclosures allows them to be in motion, and this, in turn, contributes to the healthy work of the heart, the digestive system, and also improves metabolism. Good health of rabbits ensures the survival of individuals and increases their productivity.

Easy care

Keeping a rabbit in an aviary has many advantages:

  • cleaning and feeding is given much less time, because it is easier to feed everyone at once, than in the cage of each separately;
  • resistance of the rabbits to diseases increases many times and you can do without vaccinations (animals in the cages must be vaccinated);
  • the weight of the rabbit and the rabbit gain much faster due to a good appetite, but at the same time the taste of the meat improves;
  • the fur of eared animals also looks much better;
  • Rabbits have improved reproductive system performance.

The advantages of captive raising animals can be attributed to the fact that when keeping several females with rabbit, they do not divide them into friends and foes - they feed everyone. In addition, animals are much calmer and safer to live in an aviary. Anger, nervousness, apathy disappear, because their natural data is revealed, they can jump, run, frolic.

Breeding rabbits in cages is not complete without minuses. Sometimes among animals there can be a division of the territory and the struggle for females. Here it is necessary to properly distribute individuals, usually adult males are deposited.

It is best to place young animals of the same age in the enclosures, and after the rabbits become sexually mature, the males should be sown from the females.

It is difficult to control mating when breeding rabbits in an aviary. Another serious drawback is that infection of one individual causes a high risk of infection of the entire population. If you identify the patient, immediately remove all healthy rabbits, disinfect the area and declare quarantine.

Creation of a structure

To make a rabbit enclosure with your own hands, you will need a chain-link, preferably painted, so as not to be oxidized. The optimal width is 1.5 m. The size of the cells should be chosen not too large, so that the animal does not stick its head and does not get stuck. Support pillars are also needed. It can be wooden bars or metal tubes. If wood is used, the edges should be treated with linseed oil or lube.

The length of the netting depends on the available livestock. In this case, 1 rabbit need 1-1.5 square meters. m, and also need extra space for the males deposited.

From the timber (or pipes) the frame of the necessary parameters is lost. On it the grid chain-link stretches. Sometimes only one wall is made of mesh, while others can be made of plywood or metal sheets. Need to make a door to enter the aviary.

Netting is also used as a coating, but part of the open-air cage is covered with slate or roofing felt as a shed.

The whole structure should be dug into the ground to a depth of 70-100 cm. A more complicated option is to dig a ditch around the perimeter of the enclosure, which is poured with cement. Sex is also different. The simplest is the usual natural surface of the earth. But her farmers are trying to strengthen, covering with linoleum. Sometimes the entire fenced area is concreted, but at the same time it is covered with straw or sawdust from above.

The aviary is usually communicated with the house and the shed, where rabbits live permanently.

High-rise enclosures and other apartment options

In the apartment for decorative rabbits, you can also make an aviary. On one individual must account for 2 square. m room space. A pet also needs movement. The place is selected taking into account the fact that there will be no direct sunlight and drafts.

If the floor is hard - laminate, plastic, tile, then you need to lay some rug. This will be the prevention of poddermatitis, to which many breeds of rabbits are prone. Aviary should periodically (at least once a week cleaned). The tray changes much more often.

Usually in apartments it is difficult to place large open-air cages and therefore rabbits still need to be let out of it. In tight spaces, rabbits get bored, sit motionless and gain extra weight.

There is another way to save space - this is a multi-level aviary, as an advantage for small apartments. They are built from lattice panels in height. In addition, in such facilities you can easily distinguish between zones (on the floors) - for recreation, for games, for food and toilet. At the same time, it will be much easier to clean the tray and keep everything clean.

Apartment enclosures (not multi-level) usually have a portable structure and can also be used to enclose any part of the room where access is denied.

For the rabbit family in the apartment enclosures you need to install feeders, drinkers, houses, a tray. These animals are quite learnable and eventually learn to go to the toilet in the space provided.

Now you know how to make an open-air cage for rabbits. But keep in mind that when the big-eared are released for a walk around the apartment, then the rest of the territory must be secured. Wires are removed, small items, toxic substances and chemicals, as well as everything that has value for the owner, for example, documents.

On such conditions, you can completely abandon the aviary in the apartment, if it removed all dangerous items.

We build an aviary in the apartment

To make a rabbit enclosure with your own hands in the apartment, you must purchase lattice panels (sheets). They need as much as it is not a pity to enclose places in the room. You can also give a different form of this territory.

The height of the enclosure is the same as that of the street - 1 m. Rabbits jump well, so the house and other high inventory should be placed against a regular wall. Otherwise, the animals will jump on him and jump over the fence.

An open-air cage can be covered with the same gratings on top, if there are other animals in the house that can harm the rabbit. Sometimes in a fenced place they place not only feeders and houses, but also various decorations - bridges, tunnels, boxes, where eared birds can hide and play.

As an option - an open-air cage of wooden bars, between which you can fix a metal grid or grid. This is the same kind of frame as for the street structure. Sometimes instead of a mesh using transparent plastic. Such a structure looks more massive.

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