We make a trap on a boar from PVC pipe in 15 minutes


Perhaps in the place where you live a lot of wild boars have divorced or you just wanted to hunt them? Then you should be aware that this beast is not stupid and strong. The hunt will be argued if you make a trap for a boar with your own hands. And you can lure an animal with a cheap device from a pipe.

What should be the trap?

On average, the boar weighs about 175-200 kg, body length 1.5 - 2 meters, therefore, a pressing mechanism may not be suitable for such an animal. In addition, the boar can try to catch the cage. But such a device does not always help in catching, as well as a trap-loop, a wary weapon or a network. Therefore, a trap bait can be an excellent solution.

In addition to these, there are many other devices for catching a cloven-hoofed animal. But in this article we will consider the simplest view - a trap with your own hands from a pipe. It must have a small number of holes, a strong frame (for example, from polyvinyl chloride) and a chain. All parts of the device can be easily combined in 15 minutes with glue and two track links.

Video clips and photos clearly demonstrate the appearance of such a trap: durable, quite long (from 1.5 meters in length), with a thick chain. It should have room for corn, which plays the role of bait. It is important to choose a high-quality steel pin, which should be securely hammered into the ground.

This trap is a feeder for the hoofed-one, which will be able to rivet the boar's attention for several hours. What will be the animal? The boar feels the delicacy and will try to get it, pushing the trap from side to side. The fixture will be limited by a chain and an iron pin. While the forest guest will feast on the grains dropped out of the holes, you will wait for him in the bushes or on a tree with a gun.

How to make it from a pipe?

To create such a lure, you need to take a PVC pipe and drill holes into it, and close the edges with lids. But that is not all. A chain or rope attached to a post will be attached to it. It is provided in the mechanism so that the boar can only push the pipe in a circle. It means that he will be within reach, and not roll the trap into the bushes or the forest.

The principle of this device for catching a hoofed animal is simple: the animal smells corn, finds a trap, rolls it, dainty pours out of the holes. The device must be made so that it is heavy enough even for strong hooves or a snout of an animal. Such a trick will help protect corn from deer, raccoons and other small corn lovers.

Necessary tools and materials

Here are a few building materials and tools that will come in handy for creating your own excellent boar bait:

  • drill;
  • saw;
  • 152 cm PVC pipe (polyvinyl chloride) 40 with a diameter of 10 cm;
  • cover with a diameter of 10 cm and 7 cm;
  • threaded ring with a diameter of 10 cm;
  • screw plug with a diameter of 10 cm;
  • 4 3/8 inch stainless steel bolts;
  • 2 nuts and washers 3/8 inch;
  • primer and glue for PVC;
  • 60-150 cm suitable chain;
  • 2 track links per 1/8 inch;
  • ring with a diameter of 5 cm;
  • 5/8 inch carbine;
  • metal pin type T long minimum 60 cm

Instructions for making

    1. Drill a hole in the center of the screw plug, which is sufficient for screwing in the screw ring.
    2. Attach the threaded ring with washers and nuts on either side of the plug and tighten them securely.
    3. Now take a swivel carbine and attach it to the threaded ring.
    4. Fasten the ring with the chain using the track link.
    5. One cover is almost ready, it remains only to attach the ring with a track link to the free end of the chain.
    6. Now you need to drill in the trap four holes with a diameter of 5/8 inches. They should be approximately 30 cm apart and 90 degrees apart.
    7. In the end, you should get a fixture in which there will be 1 hole on each side of the pipe. A video dedicated to such a hunt will clearly demonstrate the feasibility of such an approach to the trap.
    8. A double bottom is installed in the pipe. It allows you to create a "pocket" at the end of the pipe, which will be partially filled with gravel. Why do you need gravel? Even if corn ends up in your pipe, a wild hoof will still be able to smell its smell. So, do not lose interest in the bait and will roll it. The rustling of gravel will induce the animal to push the trap again and again in order to get some more sweet vegetables.
    9. Take a PVC cover (7 cm in diameter) and coat the outside with a primer. In parallel, the same material should be applied to the inside of a pipe with a diameter of 10 cm. Both parts should dry out within a minute.
    10. Place a little glue on the inside of the pipe and insert a primer-covered lid into it.
    11. Now partially fill the double bottom with gravel, then grease the inside of the lid, which is 10 cm in diameter, with a primer and glue, and close the pipe with it. How to do this can be seen in the photo below.
    12. Take the screw already installed on the cover and attach it to the other end of the device using a primer and glue.
    13. Your PVC trap is almost ready. Now you need to take a metal pin, find a good place to install the bait and fill it with corn.

To the hunter on a note! At the end of the bait, you can attach a bell, which will ring while the animal is in the process of obtaining a treat.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Wild boar feeds on corn from a bait-trap Photo 2. Wild artiodactyls in a cage Photo 3. Trap-bait from a pipe




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