Amazingly beautiful horses

Today, it’s not so easy to meet a lamb beauty, and there are a number of reasons for this. Earlier, the buckskin suit of the horse, the photo of which is in our article, was worth its weight in gold and many legends were about it. What kind of horses are these and why are they considered to be real beauties, read further in the article.


Damn horse color is very beautiful. Against the background of other light colors, thanks to an unusual combination of color, it always stands out. So, let's look at the characteristics of this suit. The body of such horses is earthy-sandy or yellow-sandy in color. Both pairs of legs to the hock are painted in black tones. The tail and mane are also rich black.

It is sometimes said that in these horses there is a kind of "wild" gene. Its presence can be immediately noticed by the color of the horse. In the presence of a “wild” gene, a zebroid appears on the legs, and a black belt runs along the back along the spine. The presence of such a gene does not spoil the suit and speaks only of the dominant natural principle in the animal. In addition to this color, there are often many other colors that will be considered a little later.

And now let's go back to the description of the main features of the horse. So, we have not talked about the eyes of the animal. They have a handsome brown haired and beautifully stand out against the background of the head. In rare cases, the eyes may be amber. The skin color is exceptionally dark. Also as an exception, the lower part of the legs may be brown. This indicates the manifestation of the gene of the cream, which is able to brighten dark colors.


Dark. Such a steed has a body of dark sand or brown-yellow color, and on the withers there is a black braid. Often there are also light spots or so-called "apples" on the case.

Light. Body color can vary from cream to light sand. Sometimes the head is highlighted in a darker color. The legs are dark with a touch of blond hair. The mane and tail are black, but there can also be an admixture of blond hair.

Golden Also, these representatives are also called boules in gold. The body shade is saturated yellow with a clear golden tint.

In apples. This is a paint with a mixture of black wool in color, which forms a characteristic pattern only for it. On the limbs and the head can be observed blond hair. And the characteristic dark color of the limbs can rise above the hock.

Silvery. It is a suit with a silver tint. Often there is a dark mantle at the markup. It is difficult to determine it, as the silver-yellow tide appears with time, and before that it looks like a gray color.

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Photo 1. Horse running in the snowPhoto 2. Horse light-colored suitPhoto 3. A beautiful horse stands on the road



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