How to teach the rabbit to the tray


In the article we will talk about how to train a rabbit to a tray. This is a very important point, and before buying you will not interfere with the theory course. After all, if in the future the animal will defecate, wherever it pleases, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the owner. Naturally eared eared, but instinct guidance cannot be avoided. We will give useful tips that will allow the rabbit breeders to teach the young and adult individuals to relieve themselves of the proper place.

The need for your own toilet

The newly purchased animal will go to the toilet, anywhere. This is due to the change of living conditions and nutrition. But the problem is solved by patience and consistent actions of the host. Veterinarians note that the dwarf rabbit, like those of other breeds, can be habituated to the tray when they reach puberty.

Quite quickly, neutered and sterilized animals get used to the tray. Therefore, when the rabbit is 3 months old and he becomes sexually mature, he can be carried to the doctor. In the future, this will facilitate the task of training to the tray. Read more about this operation in the article "Castration of a rabbit: how and for what."

A bunny tray is a necessity, as the animal must learn to defecate in the same place. Do not be upset if long-eared adapts to a new environment for a long time and goes to the restroom, wherever it is. He may not like the location of the container, so he will tolerate until he walks out of the cage.

Choosing a toilet tray

The animals love freedom, so the toilet for the rabbit should be spacious. If he is small or uncomfortable, eared will stop visiting him. Ornamental fluffy is well suited angular device, which will take less space in the cage.

The toilet should be made of durable material that rabbits will not nibble. Install a container for feces can be in the cage or outside.

Be sure to buy quality filler, which will be different from the flooring. If this nuance is overlooked, the animal decides that the entire cage is a large toilet. In this case, how to teach a decorative rabbit to relieve the need in one place cannot be told even by the most experienced farmer.

Features of schooling

If a pet already accustomed to the toilet is acquired, the adaptation process will be easier. New owners should not worry how to teach a rabbit to the tray. But if a small pet was bought at a pet store, then you need to train it. In the first few days you can not give fluffy to walk around the apartment.

It is necessary to put a toilet in that place where the animal most often satisfies need. Usually, rabbit breeders use several containers in which the filler is placed.

Thus, the pet will be able to independently determine the most appropriate place to defecate. Some animals need from 2-3 days to 1-2 weeks to understand where it is allowed to defecate.

The best ways to make an animal clean

First of all, a separate place should be allocated to the pet, where he will feel comfortable. You shouldn’t let the rabbit run all over the house, because in this case you can’t avoid indiscriminate bowel movement. It is also not recommended to punish the eared one for his misdeeds, as he will get a lot of stress and teach the rabbit to defend the need in a certain place will be more difficult.

It is necessary to install containers for a bowel movement in darkened and secluded corners. You should also choose the right filler. To do this, follow a few rules. The first is to give preference to ordinary sawdust. Natural material will recreate conditions similar to natural to the rabbit.

The second is often not recommended to change the filler, you need to wait until the young ones get used to the tray. In the tank should remain incense, which will remind the pet exactly where to defecate.

Third - it is prohibited to use the same filler that goes to the litter. Because of such a host error, the animal will regularly blot it with urine and feces.

Step by Step Tutorial for Tray

Capacity should be available to the pet at any time of the day. Sometimes the animals relieve themselves during the meal, so it is advisable to put a rabbit toilet near the feeders.

Instructions that will help teach decorative rabbit to the tray:

  • we install in a cage and outside from 2 or more containers;
  • pour out sawdust only in the tank;
  • see if the pet wants to defecate (if so, he should be put in his personal toilet);
  • the phrase "toilet" will help to speed up training to the tray when the animal tries to defend the need for a special container;
  • if the owner did not have time to trace the fuzzy, it is necessary to collect his feces and put in the right place (familiar smells will help the animal the next time to go to the toilet, where necessary);
  • It is advisable to wipe it with vinegar so that no odors remain.

It will also help to teach the rabbit to the toilet the following: when walking a fluffy, it should be planted every 15–20 minutes in an equipped place and say “toilet”. If an animal responds positively to such actions, it is worth encouraging it with snacks.

Subtleties and secrets

Farmers have identified a few points that will allow for a short period of time to teach the animal to go to the toilet in the right place. Fluffy is much easier to adapt to the new environment, if all procedures will be carried out on a schedule. Animals quickly become accustomed to plastic containers that are rectangular in shape.

The best fillers are straw, sawdust and shavings. Eared will not randomly defecate in the apartment, if the male males are neutered and sterilized in time.

Young animals will learn to go to the toilet faster if adult females or males will have the necessary effect on inexperienced babies, showing where to do it.

Why the rabbit walks by

There are several factors that can discourage the animal from sending its natural needs to a special container. The most common cause of this problem is a cramped and uncomfortable tray. Also, the animal can be harmful if it does not like the filler used (it can be repelled by the smell of grains).

If the owner organized the space to the pet irrationally, he will defecate anywhere. Do not install the container in a visible and excessively lighted area, because the animal will not feel safe. As a result, it may completely abandon an important business.

To the rabbit went to the toilet in the tray, and not by, you should start to engage in its training with three months of age.

The animal can defecate next to the tank in two cases: the first - the tray has very low sides; the second - the owner of the animal poured a lot of filler. These factors bring eared discomfort, so he loses the desire to go to the toilet in the allotted place.

The rabbit will relieve the need for a tray if it has an average amount of filler and sides of an average height.

It can be a shame when we tame the animal to the toilet, and over time, he suddenly stops walking into it. This behavior may be associated with puberty, the emergence of a new individual. The newcomer is a competitor, so fluffy is under stress for some time. It can also affect diseases, loud sounds and voices, for example, when guests come to the house. Eared can get scared and for several days do not sit down at all in a container for stool.

Cleaning rules

Adults do not like strangers to take them in their arms. Because of this, there may be an unpleasant problem with pet owners. Negatively affects the behavior of rabbits and males moving, the emergence of a new territory for walking.

You need to remove the container with a special spatula. Every day it is worth getting from the filler feces and wet lumps. But it is recommended to leave a few dry pellets, so that the animal remembers where it is necessary to cope with their needs.

To clean the tank is, after 30-60 minutes. Disinfect the tray should be at least 1 time per week. Now let's say whether it is possible to completely clean the rabbit toilet. Of course, you can use a special sponge or brush, as well as use cleaning products that do not have a strong smell.

However, remember that the rabbit tray must always keep the rabbit flavors, even if they are elusive to the human nose. Sensing its smell, the animal will not forget that it is here that its toilet is located.

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