How to determine the sex of the rabbit


Timely sex determination in rabbits is an important point. This allows you to correctly calculate the number of males and females in the livestock, as well as to conduct timely culling and putting up for sale animals that are not needed by your household. If you managed to distinguish the male from the female in time, then you will be able to organize the correct seating of animals in cages, protecting them from conflicts, fights and injury.

Why separate males from females

Novice breeders who plan to purchase producers for their farm, often face the problem of how to determine the sex of the rabbit.

It is well known that closely related crossbreeding in rabbits leads to the birth of weak and non-viable offspring. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire females for breeding separately from the males. They must be from different farms, have a strong constitution and well developed secondary sex characteristics.

It is best to purchase for these purposes adult animals that have reached puberty. As a rule, they have already received all the necessary vaccinations, have developed a stable immunity to infectious diseases and have formed a certain character, which is manifested in the observation of the animal.

When buying decorative and dwarf animals, the situation is somewhat different. Owners prefer to acquire young animals that have reached the age of two to three months, and independently form their character with the help of training.

Next we will talk about how to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit, accurately determining the sex of rabbits.

The main features of the female

When dealing with adult animals it is very easy to distinguish the female from the male, for which you need to investigate the genitals of the animal.

Take the rabbit in your arms and place it on your lap with your belly up. The muzzle of the animal should be addressed to you. With one hand, hold the animal by the withers, and with the other hand gently spread the fur in the genital area.

Lightly press the genital area with two fingers, trying to make it convex.

The female will have a noticeable sexual loop, which may have a light or dark pink color.

By the color of the penis, you can most likely determine the approximate age of the female and refuse to purchase the old rabbit.

An elongated genital slit passes through the loop, which gradually tapers towards the anus.

The main features of the male

In the male you can see a small elongated cone having a circular hole at the end. With age, it begins to swell slightly and becomes pink.

The longer the penis and the darker its color, the older the animal.

The males of rabbits have a characteristic feature - they can pull the scrotum together with the testes in it under the skin. In order for the testicles to be outside again, the animal must be lifted by the front paws and forced to jump several times on the hind legs.

Appearing outside the oval testicles are not covered with hair and have a pink color.

If you are planning to do industrial breeding of rabbits and know its basics, then pay special attention to the number of testicles and their development. This will save you from acquiring a male who is not capable of producing viable offspring.

Some unscrupulous sellers may try to sell a castrated rabbit under the guise of manufacturers. This animal can only be used as a living soft toy for children, or sent for slaughter to receive diet rabbit meat or high-quality fur.

Secondary sexual characteristics

People who do not know exactly how to determine the sex of a rabbit, consider his genitals. However, they often do not pay attention to the secondary sexual characteristics of animals. Most often it is:

  • rough and stocky body structure of males with large heads;
  • males rub against the edges of the cells, trying to leave their scent;
  • they mark the territory by spraying hormone-filled urine in the corners of the cell;
  • if two end up in the same cage, the undigested males will surely start fighting;
  • the little rabbits have a smaller head, and their body has smoother shapes;
  • the back of their torso is wider than the front;
  • they have a good feel for two rows of nipples;
  • females begin to dig holes and try to equip them;
  • they lose their appetite and hide in secluded corners;
  • females pull down from the abdomen and cover their nest with them.

At once we will say that it is inappropriate to find out the sex of eared birds by this method, but it is better to just carefully examine their genitals.

The importance of determining sex at an early age

It is important to determine the sex of the rabbit at a very early age, and not by the animals reaching sexual maturity. The fact is that in the rabbit breeding there is no sense in growing a large number of males. For each of these animals it is necessary to prepare a separate cage, which is not always possible.

With the onset of puberty, krols turn into aggressive animals, and young males begin to fight among themselves at an early age. Often they not only damage the skins, making them unsuitable for sale, but also cause each other serious injuries, often incompatible with life.

The attainment of puberty in a rabbit comes in 3-4 months, and some individuals are ready to mate at an even earlier age.

If you did not spread the rabbits of one litter in time and did not separate the male from the female, then uncontrolled mating may occur. Due to a close relationship, no resilient offspring will be born, and the little rabbits will no longer be suitable for fertilization.

The genitals of babies are very similar.

Already after the first animal rounding up, the rabbit breeder needs to quickly understand how many males and females are in the litter in order to prepare the necessary number of cages for seating the animals. Even an experienced veterinarian in the early days is faced with the problem of how to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit, not to mention a novice farmer.

Regardless of the breed, baby rabbits at birth are extremely small fluffy lumps, the primary sexual characteristics of which are impossible to discern even when using a magnifying glass. In the first month of life, it is almost impossible to determine exactly whether a boy is a rabbit or a girl.

But some experienced rabbit breeders develop their own methods and try to separate the boy from the girl already in the first days after hunting. Despite the apparent loyalty to the method of studying the genitals of babies with a magnifying glass, the accuracy of such studies does not exceed 80%.

Because of the unreliability of such studies, it is inappropriate for babies. Although below we will tell you how to determine the sex of a rabbit that has barely reached the age of 1 month.

Be sure to use a magnifying glass

As mentioned above, it is very difficult to know exactly the sex of rabbits who have not reached the age of 1 month. To do this, you will definitely have to stock up on a magnifying glass, but it’s not at all a fact that you can even distinguish between males and females with it.

Putting the bunny rabbit on its back and spreading the fur in the genital area, carefully examine through the magnifying glass primary genitals that look the same in almost all babies.

The male in the middle of the genitalia is a small depression of a round shape, while the rabbit has a slightly elongated genital slit, tapering towards the tail.

Do not forget that, by spreading the wool, you can stretch the skin, turning a round hole into an elongated one, and you will not understand with yourselves what gender you are dealing with.

In females, the distance from the genital slit to the anus should be 1-2 mm, and in males - up to 5 mm.

To determine the sex of decorative animals at this age is very difficult even for a specialist. However, it is worthwhile to turn to a veterinarian who has professional skills and is better versed in how to determine the sex of a dwarf rabbit at an early age.

We investigate the grown-up baby rabbits

At 2 months, the penis begins to grow in males, and the testicles are still firmly hidden under the skin. The penis, which has a pyramidal shape with a slightly swollen round hole, is already well visible.

Such a little rabbit should be transplanted into a separate cage, because by the end of 3 months of life it should begin puberty. During this period, the animal becomes aggressive and can attack the same young males, arranging serious fights.

By 2 months, females begin to swell and their genitals increase in size, and the genital slit slightly elongates and becomes light pink. In 3 and a half months, a tongue loop is completely formed.

Female's genitals continue to grow and become sensitive, and the animal itself becomes restless and begins to pay special attention to members of the opposite sex.

Determine the floor of decorative pets

Next, we will talk about how to determine the sex of an ornamental rabbit and why it is needed.

Representatives of dwarf breeds are in most cases acquired for living in an apartment as pets. This may be a male or a female, who should become true friends for all family members and not create additional discomfort for you.

When breeding decorative rabbits, it is important to determine the sex of rabbits already at an early age. This is due to the need for timely castration or sterilization of the young.

If you do not conduct castration on time, then you can face certain troubles - aggressiveness, night cry and the presence of an unpleasant smell in the dwelling.

Belonging to one or another sex is determined in the same way as in other breeds. In rabbit decorative and dwarf species, the genitals may be slightly smaller, but have a completely similar structure.

The best age for castration is 3-4 months, when the male testicles are guaranteed to descend into the scrotum and can be removed without causing serious problems for the animal. All the details in the article "Castration of the rabbit: how and for what."

Trust this procedure to the veterinarian, and this is guaranteed to protect you from trouble, and your eared pet from health problems and death.

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