Is it necessary to do lighting for chickens at night?

Is it necessary to do lighting for chickens at night? (Natalia)

Chickens are daytime birds, they do everything according to a biological rhythm that depends on the sun. For example, they wake up at dawn when the sun rises and go to bed when it sets. That is why their body is designed in such a way that at night it rests. At this time of day, they do not eat, do not drink, and, of course, do not rush. They perch and sleep, so they do not need the light.

Moreover, night-time lighting (except for chickens) can change the biological rhythm of the bird, provoking a metabolic failure. Light, of course, in the barn should be. It must be turned on in the winter in the morning, when the hens wake up and turn off in the evening, after they climb on the perch. Also in the summer you can light up the roost so that chickens can safely climb on the perch, if the room is dark. Do not forget that in the dark they see very poorly, they have the so-called "blindness".

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