Homemade roevna: from what and how to do?


Every beekeeper knows that there comes a moment in the family of bees, when swarming begins. At the same time insects leave their hives and fly away in search of a new home. Today, there are many methods of preventing swarming, but if this has already happened, then you can not do without royorny. It will help us to understand what a royale for bees looks like with its own hands on the video and photo in this article.

What is a roev and what should it be?

Roevna, if not everyone has it, then every second experienced specialist. The fact is that it can be used not only for catching "escaped" bees, but also for temporary storage of swarms or as a carrier. It is known that during swarming, bees rapidly fly out of evidence, then make circles in the air and graft onto any object. It can be a tree branch or even a side of a roof or a cornice. It is in this state that insects can be caught and sent back home.

Generally speaking, a swarm is a small basket or a special case that allows you to catch a swarm of bees and temporarily keep it there.

Today, Butlerov's device has become very popular. It is based on a frame with donned hoops that press the wire mesh. The half of the upper part has the form of a hinged, but tight-fitting lid. On the sides there are hooks for hanging. The size of such a roar is a total diameter of 300-350 mm and a height of 400-450 mm.

In addition, from the accessories to the roevna, a ladle is used for scooping the swarm, which has the appearance of a bucket. Look at the photo. We also include a rosnymatel, which helps to remove a vaccinated swarm, for example, on a tree. This is a kind of net, which is sewn to the hoop and has a special handle with a net closing mechanism. A special hook allows you to hook the net to a branch of a tree and at this moment shake off the swarm.

Adaptation scheme according to Butlerov: 1 - a scoop for ogrebaniya swarm; 2 - picker; 3 - box for catching queens when landing a swarm

How to make it yourself?

In order to make a royal bee for your own bees, it is worthwhile to think over its structure in advance and select the appropriate material. It should be remembered that the inlet is better to make large, so that without problems to put there a swarm. Since quite large families fly out of the hives during the swarming, the royale should not be small. Its dimensions must be taken into account in order to fit the entire swarm.

The key to successful work is the design of such a subject. Therefore, before you do it, watch the video of different options in the work, choose the most suitable for yourself. There should be no gaps and holes in the war, but the material should pass air well. In such a device, sometimes bees can be up to 2 days, for example, if families are transported.


The dimensions of the swarm depend on its capacity and shape. We suggest you consider two options on the drawing. They differ in shape and size.

Vertical swap drawing Butlerov's roev scheme Drawing with size swivel-box

Tools and materials

To make a roe for bees yourself you will need:

  • metal grid;
  • wooden boards or pressed plates;
  • mosquito net;
  • Hardboard or plywood;
  • Cardboard;
  • Waterproof glue;
  • Tools for working wood, as well as fastening parts, scissors.

Step by step instructions for making

  1. First of all, as we have said, in order to make a royo for bees with your own hands, you need to choose the shape and design. We offer you the option of a convenient box. Similar is also presented on video.
  2. Prepare wooden boards of the required size or a few tiles of pressed wood chips. Cut out all the parts according to the drawing.
  3. We fasten parts with waterproof special glue. Do not forget that in the center of the side wall of the roevna, it is necessary to provide a notch with dimensions of 10x80 mm.
  4. We make a ventilation frame on which we stretch the mosquito net. We attach it with nails.
  5. We roll four walls in one box.
  6. We attach a wooden coat hanger to the inner part of the back and front wall, and lower the lower part we mow slightly so that in the future it is possible to place frames with honeycombs here. Remember that the swarm can be used as a carrier for families.
  7. We install the roof of the box on the bolts, on top we attach a small window made of metal mesh.
  8. At the very end we attach hooks to the side walls for hanging.

Manufacturing folding folding type

This option is best suited for transporting and storing honey plants, as it has a light weight and convenient folding design.

  1. We will make such a warrior out of a dense casing. We make three rings of the right size and stretch the fabric over them.
  2. The bottom can be made from a nylon mesh and sewn to the rest of the fabric case.
  3. We fold the upper grid and fix it with a velcro connector.
  4. Then along the edge of the warp we attach a rubber band, which will prevent the bees from penetrating between the net and the casing.
  5. For greater rigidity and to protect against bites on the wall of the fabric, it is desirable to sew a small cardboard strips.
  6. We sew a handle for carrying. To do this, you can choose a tight belt or leather strap.
  7. Ready-made home cooks are usually stored in foldable form to protect against dust and dirt.

Important! When making roevni take into account the fact that the lid should open and close with one hand movement.

See also the video for more details.




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