Master class on the withdrawal of queens from Gennady Stepanenko


As is known, the bee-mat is a key individual in the bee family. She must be strong and give good offspring. Therefore, in order not to rely on luck, the beekeepers learned to derive strong maternal individuals on their own. How does the conclusion of the queens Stepanenko - video from this beekeeper with detailed illustrations of the process, see later in the article.

How to carry out the withdrawal?

Conclusion queens - quite difficult at first glance, the process. But if you delve into its essence and deal with all the nuances, then everything is quite simple. So, for this we need only two things:

  1. Have a clear plan of action and know the nuances of work.
  2. The presence of direct hands and accuracy when working.

As we see the requirements are not very complex. And now a few words about the intricacies of derivation. So, in order to provoke a piece withdrawal of queens, all you need is to force the bees to enter a swarm. This is easily done by simply adding a few brood frames and weaning the barren frames. Also need to cover the tap-hole. Now it remains only to wait, when the bees will lay the queen mothers.

This method is considered the simplest, but it is not the most effective. Therefore, experienced beekeeper Gennady Stepanenko in the video below will give instructions and guidance on how to properly perform this procedure.

Expert Tips

For beginners

This section provides a video for beginner beekeeping. In the first, Gennady talks about the intricacies of breeding maternal individuals. Then he shows by example how he takes them out in his apiary. On his example, it is easy to make sure that this procedure is easy and any newcomer to beekeeping can learn it if desired.

The second video for beginners is devoted to the procedure of changing the bee-woman. Here the author also tells in detail about why the shift and when to hold it. It also describes its importance for the bee colony and uses the example of its own experience to illustrate the proposed method.

Works in the apiary

And now Gennady shows in the video how in his own apiary he is replacing the maternal individual. The replacement itself is complemented by the detailed explanations of the author, which helps to easily figure out what to do and how, and, if necessary, carry it out on your own.

Every beekeeper knows that after the replacement, the reception control follows. This is what the next video by the beekeeper is dedicated to.


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