Nucleus - a small bee family


Many have heard the name of the nucleus, but not everyone knows what it is. Some believe that this is a small beehive for one or two frames, others call it so small bee families. In any case, this word means a small, but quite self-sufficient colony with a queen and workers. But let's talk about this in more detail.

Nucleus features

The name "core" in Latin is translated as "core". In beekeeping, this word means both a small separate family of bees, and a small hive for a barren or fetal uterus. But in general, its first value is original and more correct. Since this small group of insects is usually kept in special houses for 1-2 frames, this name was also given to such evidence.

The uterus and about 500-1000 workers usually live in the nucleus. Such a "family" is used in industrial hatching, for their fertilization, to increase the apiary. Although he is very similar to a full-fledged family, but still it is impossible to count him as such. First, it does not have the required number of bees, which means that there is no such labor, and secondly, it is too vulnerable. Feeling weak, here insects develop and grow faster than, for example, in bee packages.

In the nuclei of the uterus, as a rule, unfertilized and undergo puberty.

Application in beekeeping

So, in beekeeping, in order to inseminate young queens, using full-fledged strong families is extremely unprofitable. Therefore, especially for this, small families-cores are formed from them. They also usually store spare fetal females.

Previously, the cores were formed in the usual evidence for 3-4 frames. For this, it was necessary to provide two or three offices with partitions and tap-holes in different directions. In loungers they were formed in the fenced compartment on the side of the main family. Only such methods were very uncomfortable and had many drawbacks. It was necessary to always carefully monitor that there were no gaps and passages.

Today, for the maintenance of the cores and their wintering, special small evidence is used, designed for 1-2 frames with brood and 1-2 with food.

Family formation

To form the cores, as shown in the video, you only need to strong and healthy families. This can be done before the main bribe is completed, but it is best to form it in the pre-combat or swarm period. By the time it is better to choose the first half of the day, when the bees fly on bribes, and only non-flying individuals remain in evidence.

By picking should take into account the climate zone. For example, in the south you can make one frame with brood and two frames with perga and honey. In the northern and central latitudes, it is better to take two brood frames and two fodder. Feed must be at least 2 kilograms. The brood should be necessarily sealed and mature. When forming a nucleus, make sure that you do not inadvertently transfer the uterus. Bees in the south can be taken about 300 individuals, in the north - at least 600 individuals.

After the selection of insects in place of the selected frames are framed with a wrinkle. The nucleus itself needs to be warmed and to reduce the notch before the passage of one individual. Over time, the flying bees will all fly back to the hive and only the young will remain. Inside it is also necessary to put a mature mother liquor between the honeycombs with brood brood. If the uterus is barren, then it is placed in the cell and only released in a day.

Since young bees can not extract water themselves, they need to put a drinker for the first 5 days. Approximately 5 days after the formation of the nucleus, the whole brood should emerge. Now the frame can be removed from the evidence and put another one in its place with young larvae. Thus, we will load the bees of educators. After 5 days, once again set the frame with the larvae until the young womb itself does not lay eggs.

Important! Each formed nucleus is separated from the rest, for example, they can be painted in different colors.

Queen out

After 2-3 days in the new group formed uterus. Each of them must be found and carefully examined. If there are defects, then we remove it and in a few hours we put a new mother liquor or womb from the stock. Now open the tap hole about 1 centimeter, so that the uterus can fly out for mating. After a few days, the worming begins. Now you can create a full-fledged family.

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Photo 1. Multi-colored mini-casesPhoto 2. The hive for the nucleus on the standPhoto 3. The hive case with dividers


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