What vaccinations do piglets Vietnamese vislobury pigs?

Please tell me: do Vietnamese vislobrew piglets need to be vaccinated? How old and what? (Vyacheslav)

Vyacheslav, if you are a happy owner of Vietnamese pigs, then I can please you - you are lucky. These animals are distinguished by a strong immune system, good health, and therefore they are not susceptible to the usual "swine" diseases. Consequently, they also do not need a complex of all planned vaccinations.

However, at birth only these babies can develop anemia. In sow's milk, there is not enough iron in all, which causes a strong deficiency.

Because of this, pigs can die in the first days of life. To prevent this, they definitely need to prick iron. Approximately on the third day, intramuscular use is either Ferroselenit (1 ml) or Ursoferran with a note 100.

You can re-inoculate and on day 10, but if the kids are active and healthy, then in principle, it is often already superfluous. If you wish, you can take any available complex of vitamins. This, of course, does not hurt your young.



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