How profitable is rabbit breeding on the farm and at home


It is no secret that rabbit breeding at home is now common, since meat in animals is dietary, tasty and tender, and fur is used for sewing winter clothing (hats, mittens). Rabbits are very prolific animals. Breeding them in large quantities will bring a good profit, since it will pay off in 6-12 months. In order to make money on the maintenance of young individuals, it is worth making a business plan, calculate profitability and select a breed.

What you need to know at the start

Breeding rabbits at home is a matter that must be approached with all responsibility. It is necessary to take into account the material possibilities and climatic conditions.

For breeding rabbits is to determine the type of eared. Animals of the same breed can behave differently in different areas, their behavior is directly dependent on the conditions of detention. Now homemade rabbit is a business that does not require large investments.

But rabbit breeding for beginners is beneficial if the farmer starts breeding unpretentious breeds that quickly gain weight, have valuable expensive fur.

Features rabbit farm

Keep the rabbits standing on a farm. It must be built independently after obtaining permission. You can get a document if you have a land plot, after submitting a business plan for rabbit breeding, which contains charts and tables with calculations.

The plot of land should be located away from residential buildings (the resolution applies to the industrial breeding of rabbits). If the farmer grows individuals for himself (no more than 20 heads), then there will be no problem solving.

The rabbit farm should be built on a hill. After clearing the site, it is worth doing concreting or asphalting. It is obligatory to carry out the water drainage system

To get a real income from the activities, it is worth reading the article: "On the breeding of rabbits in a farm condition."

Business areas

If the farmer is planning a business from scratch, it is necessary to choose the direction of the sale of finished products.

Building a business on breeding rabbits is possible in several industries. The first - will be sold fur. The second is breeding rabbits for meat. The third - the cultivation of decorative eared.

The business of breeding rabbits for meat is very profitable and common. About 80-90% of small farms are engaged in the cultivation of animals only in order to sell meat in retail or wholesale. The business plan is to calculate how much you can earn on rabbits, when the money invested and the work will begin to generate income.

Growing and selling rabbits as a business - a good idea, will allow you to create your own business, which will bring a steady profit.

Growing rabbits is easy if the farmer has everything you need. First of all, it is worth thinking about the cages where the meat breeds will live. On average, the cost of one bunny in the market is 4-5 dollars.

Rabbit meat compared to beef and chicken

The business associated with the sale of meat products, refers to a highly profitable, for example, the profitability of rabbit production is 60-80%. Quality depends on three main factors: the age of the animal, the sex of the individual, and fatness. Farmers have a choice of what meat to sell on the market: beef, chicken, or rabbit. Let's compare them.

When selling rabbits in young individuals, its delicate taste is noted. The product contains 66.85% water, 9.76% fat, 1.17% ash and salt, 21.47% nitrogenous substances. Slaughter weight of an animal is 55-65%.

Chicken is a little inferior to rabbit. It contains 70-76% of water, 18-19% of nitrogenous substances, 0.9-1.40% of salt and ash, 1-9% of fats. Keeping cattle for meat is beneficial because it is rich in protein and fats. But it is more rigid.

In addition, we note that the easiest way to keep small animals, because they are easy to care for, do not need a lot of food. Therefore, so often farmers choose rabbits to keep them at home as a business.

Advantages and disadvantages

For rabbit breeding at home, you need to study the market, choose the direction of activity, understand the breeds and feed. Business in rabbits has a number of advantages: there is no competition, loyalty of taxation, small monthly expenses.

Rabbit breeding as a business pays off due to the rapid growth of livestock for at least six months, the maximum - for 12 months. A home-based small enterprise will bring stable profits with proper care for the young.

The disadvantages of home breeding animals include:

  • limited market;
  • high mortality rate of young stock;
  • availability of strict sanitary requirements;
  • soreness of animals (infectious diseases are difficult tolerated by rabbits).

If a person wants to engage in breeding eared, you should pay attention to these pros and cons of this type of activity.

Projected sales profit

Breed rabbits need deliberately. At first cages are bought, the farm is settled, fertile breeds are acquired. Since one female annually gives birth to about 45-50 rabbits, if you buy 10 rabbits, about 450-500 individuals will be bred for 365 days.

At four months of age, eared reach a weight of 4-5 kg. This means that one female rabbit gives about 100-120 kg of meat for sale (due to the slaughter of her born individuals).

As a result, from one female you can earn about 300-350 dollars for 12 months. The rabbit farm will flourish if the owner sells not only meat, but also the skin of individuals. Analysts and experts are confident that this business is 70-80% profitable.

Breeding for different purposes

Now we’ll find out if it’s profitable to keep the animals to sell large quantities of meat or it’s better to grow several animals for yourself. It all depends on whether it is possible to equip a place where many individuals will live. If a rabbit breeder has money to support more than 20 rabbits, then it is advantageous to feed part of the young stock for meat for sale.

If a person does not have the opportunity to spend material resources on the periodic vaccination of the entire population, the purchase of high-quality food, the payment of taxes (in the case of commercial activity), then you need to keep a few rabbits. It will be meat for yourself and your family.

In addition to meat, farmers breed rabbits for the implementation of live livestock and fur. Sometimes a rabbit breeder may receive additional funds through the sale of cages, associated equipment, and home-made fodder.

Start your own business

If you want to create your own animal breeding business, you should study the market, find potential buyers, buy land on which to build a farm. After these actions, it is necessary to legally formalize future activities. If the procedure for the preparation of documents is successful, it is necessary to make the purchase of cells.

Before buying young stock, stock up on hay and dry top dressing. When the rabbit breeder succeeds in completing all these actions and getting the first results, he will be convinced by personal experience that he will be able to answer with accuracy whether it is advantageous to breed rabbits.

We still advise non-experienced farmers to familiarize themselves with the information in the article: "About breeding rabbits at home for beginners."

Favorable breeds

The rabbit breeder will be able to get the maximum profit if he buys the following breeds: gray giant, flandre and chinchilla. The mass of the gray giant reaches 6-7 kg. Juveniles are resistant to infectious diseases, females are fertile.

A popular breed is French Flandr. The view is listed in the Guinness Book of Records due to the large body mass. To make the household profitable, it will need Flandre.

In the business plan of the rabbit farm, one cannot do without specifying the selected breed. For example, it can be chinchilla rabbits. Breeding animals is carried out because of the beautiful skin, which has a silvery-white shade. Brood grows very quickly, adults weigh from 4 to 6 kg.

On self-employment and taxation

Business planning is not complete without legal registration of activities. Advantageous option for an individual entrepreneur is the transition to a single agricultural tax system. In this case, the rabbit breeder will have to pay only 6% of the received annual profit.

To go to such a system, you should bring an identity card to the tax office and write a statement. You will also need to pay a state fee and attach the receipt to the hand-filled application. The resulting products during the operation of the farm will not be taxed.

The personal part-time farm is entered in the register at the village council (the number of animals is registered on the current date).

Home Business Profitability

Breeding eared is one of the most profitable activities. Having raised a small population of animals, a rabbit breeder can sell valuable pelts, meat and make a profit. As we said above, the profitability when breeding rabbits reaches 80%.

A ready business will be profitable if the farmer correctly selects individuals. The animals should be without signs of disease. It is necessary to pay attention to the wool, so that it is uniform and bright.

Rabbit breeders for breeding animals should buy eight-month-old rabbits so that their offspring can adapt to the conditions of detention.

Options for sale and additional income

The business plan for breeding rabbits should indicate where live animals, meat and fur will be sold.

You can sell finished products:

  • firms at wholesale prices;
  • butcher shops;
  • restaurants.

Of course, if the farmer himself is engaged in the sale of rabbits, the profit will be much higher. For this you need to rent or buy a stall. The owner of the shop can set the cost of meat and skins himself.

The business plan of a rabbit farm needs to describe the possibility of obtaining an alternative income. It can be obtained from the sale of skins, manure (bought as fertilizer), fresh animal waste (they can be purchased by farms for feeding pigs and other cattle).

Sale of live individuals is in demand. If the farmer has pedigree animals, they can be purchased at a very high cost. The breeder is quite capable of selling feed, tools, old cages for animals, feeders.

The home farm differs from the industrial one, first of all, in the occupied area. Other differences include costs. Much less money is spent on a mini farm. The second is the number of livestock. On large farms live more than 30-40 individuals. And the third is the workers. With the care of animals at home, one person can handle, on a large farm for this purpose, hired the appropriate staff.

Planned vaccination is carried out on industrial farms, animals eat balanced feed, which is not the case with home mini-farms. Rabbits are allocated separate cells during the breeding in any household.

Drawing up and calculations in the business plan

The rabbit breeding business plan should describe:

  • productivity (let's take conditional data - 60-70 rabbits per year live in one cage);
  • the number of mini-farms (ten);
  • the life of the animal (3-4 months);
  • the amount of feed spent per individual (10-15 kg of dry food, 8-10 kg of hay).

The price for which the rabbits were purchased is also indicated in the business plan. On average, one eared costs from 300 to 400 rubles. The total price of 30 kg of hay and dry feed is 450-600 rubles. Veterinary services are 200-400 rubles. The total amount of expenses is 1,200 rubles.

As for income, if you sold a carcass weighing 2-3 kg, then the profit will be 750-800 rubles. From the sale of skins, you can get from 400 to 1,5 thousand rubles. As a result, the rabbit breeder will be able to help out about 1000-2200 rubles. Profit (net) from one animal is equal to 150-1300 rubles.

If you take into account all the costs, the farmer’s income will be 500 thousand rubles a year. Initially, the profitability of such activities will not exceed 50-55%, but with an increase in turnover, finding links and a permanent sales market, the figure will increase to 80-90%. Breeding rabbits as a business is profitable or not, this example clearly shows.

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