Paralysis of hind legs in rabbits - we solve the problem correctly!

Among the most common ailments in rabbits, paralysis of the hind limbs (paresis) occupies a special place. Many rabbit breeders, especially beginners, get scared when faced with such a condition. If the rabbit's hind legs have failed: what to do and how to help the poor fellow? That is what we will discuss in our article.

Possible reasons

There are several reasons why the rabbit paws were taken away. To determine the exact cause of this condition, contact your veterinarian. Self-treatment in some cases may not give results and even lead to the death of a pet. So, which causes exactly cause these symptoms?

Spinal and head injuries

The main and most common cause of hind legs failure is spinal injuries of varying severity. A serious concussion of the brain, for example, as a result of a stroke, also falls into this category. In both cases, the neural centers responsible for the movement of the hind legs are damaged. Other injuries leading to failure of the legs: pinching, dislocations, bruises.

Even if you know the source of the problem for sure, you should not make hasty attempts to help your pet. Urgently transport him to the clinic, where a qualified veterinarian will assist him.

CNS dysfunction

Malfunctions of the central nervous system (CNS) are quite likely the reason that the back paws of the rabbits have failed. The nervous system suffers as a result of stress, fright, shock from various procedures or a sudden blow. For this reason, even if the paws are immobilized, their sensitivity may be partially or completely preserved. Recovery usually occurs within a week after an incident.


In the absence of visible and hidden injuries, listeriosis can be the reason why the rabbit's hind legs failed. This infectious, asymptomatic disease caused by Listeria is a dangerous bacterium. This disease is the cause of death of suckling females without the survival of offspring. Often a pregnant rabbit miscarriage occurs first, and after limbs are taken away. Sometimes an infection is detected after opening a crawl carcass.

Constipation or diarrhea

Even seemingly harmless factors such as irregular or too abundant stools can affect the fact that rabbits have failed hind legs. What to do in this case? Of course, show the crawl to the doctor in order to eliminate the infection and improve the nutrition.

Brain inflammation

There are several types of cerebral inflammations that can affect the condition of the hind legs in rabbits. These are encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, meningitis, leptomeningitis, pachymeningitis. In addition to the fact that the animal's hind paws were taken away, loss of coordination and weakening of the reflexes can also be observed.

All types of conditions such as paralysis, manifested in the fact that the legs are fully or partially become immovable. The animal can simply drag them along, moving with its front paws. Sometimes sick animals fall on their sides.

Problem solving methods

So, if one or more of your rabbits have hind legs, you need to start doing something without delay. Otherwise, you risk just losing your pet. Self-medication is contraindicated! The very first method is to wrap the animal with a dense, soft cloth and place it in a dark cage. The next step is an x-ray of the head and spinal column in an animal clinic.

It so happens that the legs of the crawl were not completely lost, and partially retain mobility. So that the muscles do not completely atrophy, immediately visit the veterinary clinic on the day of the incident. At the beginning of treatment, namely in the first few days, the animal should not move much. In the following days, be sure to let him "walk". After the end of the treatment, do the pet's foot massage - gently pull the legs towards you and release.

This exercise helps the animal to quickly restore the function of the limbs. Veterinarians usually prescribe a treatment regimen, it must be strictly adhered to. Try to remove the cellular content for this period, place the baby in the aviary. Under absorbent diapers under the back. This is necessary, since rabbits in such a state very often do not feel that they defecate and urinate under themselves.

How to prevent illness?

What should be done if you do not want such troubles for rabbits? Make sure that animals do not fall, do not experience strong stress. Do not let aggressive pet dogs and cats enter the rabbitry. From time to time, give the rabbits vitamin preparations, for example, Aminazin or others prescribed by a doctor. Obligatory points for the prevention of paralysis of the limbs are timely vaccinations, good nutrition and cleanliness in the cells.



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