Turkeys in the goiter have liquid from the mouth, eyes and nose and foam

Big turkey poults In the goiter fluid, foam comes from the mouth, eyes and nose. Soldered from coccidiosis. (Larisa)

What kind of disease?

The problem you described is not very similar to coccidiosis. The discharge of fluid from the nose, mouth and foam from the eyes are more like some kind of cold. More precisely, such symptoms are observed in birds that suffer from an infectious rhinitis or sinusitis. If nothing is done, the death of the bird will be very large. The main reasons for this condition include the following:

  • hypothermia;
  • tightness;
  • lack of vitamins D and A.

How to treat it?

A small pharmacy pear, syringe or other devices need to suck the fluid around the eyes, from the nose and beak. Next you will need oxytetracycline up to 100 mg per head. It is given once introducing into the sinuses. Then turkeys are fried with an aqueous solution of the pilane. Dose per liter of water - 0.5 g.

You also need to remember to drink vitamins A, B2 and D. Watch hygiene in the house and on the walking area. It is desirable to isolate all patients from healthy birds.



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