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Comfortable cottages for rabbits are a guarantee that animals will grow well, get sick less and gain weight quickly. There are a lot of schemes of such constructions nowadays and one of the most popular belongs to the well-known rabbit breeder Igor Nikolayevich Mikhailov. They can easily make their own hands. They will help you understand how to make such cages for rabbits - drawings with dimensions according to the Mikhailov method, as well as our recommendations.

Cell features by Mikhailov method

The main feature of Mikhailov cells for rabbits is the presence of 2-4 sections with a hermetic collection for manure and one or two tiers. The original version of the single-tier structure allows you to contain two adult rabbits. New subtypes of construction ("Yurt" and "Quart") are designed for two pregnant rabbits or for the content of adolescent rabbits. They may have one or two tiers, but they must be a common hermetic collection container.

The structure has a clear principle of location in space. The rear blank wall should be directed to the north side to protect from the wind. The remaining three sides are mesh. The unit is equipped with heated watering systems and mother liquors, as well as a ventilation system. In our article we will look at how to create the original version of the cage with your own hands - on four adults.

The disadvantage of this design, perhaps one: it is a high price.

Schematic description of the construction Mikhailov


Cages for rabbits Mikhailov can be divided into upper, lower and base part. At the top there is one or two tiers, and at the bottom there is a cone for collecting manure and directly a compartment where it is stored until excavation. The stand part or frame serves for firm fixation on the ground. The water and feed compartments, like the queen cells, slightly protrude.

In various simplified versions of the design scheme is slightly different from the original. Mother liquors may not be located to the side, but closer to the center, and the feeders and drinkers - inside. The frame-stand must be present necessarily, otherwise the object risks to tip over. The cage floors are slatted, the slats are laid parallel to each other diagonally. To make such an object with your own hands, you need a drawing with dimensions, which we will discuss below.


Despite the functionality of the building, the cage sizes for Mikhailov rabbits are relatively small. The total area of ​​one object in two individuals - up to 1.4 square meters. The height is 210 cm, the width is 240 cm, the width of each section is 60 cm, the height is 70 cm. The height of the queen trees is 40 cm, the width is 35 cm. The dimensions of the manure collection box are arbitrary, the angle of inclination of the pitched surface is 45 degrees.

The height of the feeder is 30, width is 15, length is 12 cm. The drinking bowl is installed automatically, its dimensions can be arbitrary and should correspond to the height of the section in which the rabbit lives. The total height of the legs of the frame-stand - 140 cm. At a height of 40 cm from the ground around the perimeter of the structure and in the center fixing beams are attached. In this way, good stability is achieved even in a simplified construction, which is shown in the following video.

We make a cage ourselves

To make cages for Mikhailov rabbits with your own hands, you need simple drawings and the most common building materials. However, be prepared for the fact that this object will be more difficult to assemble than other cells.

Tools and materials

So, you decided to make cages for Mikhailov rabbits with your own hands. The following materials and accessories will be needed:

  • wooden bars, boards, osb-plates, plywood, slats for the floor;
  • screws, nails, hammer, electric drill, screwdriver;
  • mesh for the feed compartment, the main sections;
  • construction brackets, stapler;
  • automatic drinkers;
  • tin or sheet iron to create a pitched surface;
  • bucket or box for falling manure;
  • water level, tape measure, ruler, pencil;
  • tin for interior upholstery parts;
  • slate for the roof or solid board, roofing felt for insulation and insulation from water;
  • latches for doors, hinges.

Step-by-step instruction

We will take as a basis the simplest version of the structure - one tier into three compartments. Its easiest to do with your own hands. The upper "floors" if desired, can be built on the already finished sample.

  1. Focusing on the drawings, we collect the frame structure.
  2. In turn, we first knock together the frame-holder frame, and then make the cage and the slatted floor in it.
  3. We put the doors assembled separately, install the drinkers inside, hang the feeders outside.
  4. Separate the uterine compartment with a partition with a pre-sawn door.
  5. Next, turn the roof. For this purpose, suitable, for example, osb-plate. It is attached to the screws or nailed with long nails.
  6. We attach a pitched tin surface for manure. We form it in the form of a rectangular funnel.
  7. In the lower narrow part of the funnel we have a tank for faeces.

That's all - our comfortable rabbit house is ready! Some rabbit breeders additionally stain the outer surface of the cells, but this is not necessary. Approximate drawings and photos of finished objects can be viewed in our photo gallery.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Drawing cage for Mikhailov rabbits Photo 2. Scheme of drinkers and feeders Photo 3. Ready cages for Mikhailov rabbits




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