Mother Rabbit Secrets: All About Feeding Offspring


No matter how many rabbits are in the farm and how often they breed, the breeders are in awe of the appearance of new offspring. But the moment it happened, and then what? And then a very crucial moment of any female is feeding the offspring. It will help to learn in more detail how the rabbit feeds the rabbit video and description in our article.

All aspects of feeding

The female, in which everything is normal with maternal instincts, will begin to actively prepare the nest a few days before the birth: to tear the paper, to carry hay and straw in a special place. She will also pull down fluff around her nipples and also fold it into the nest. Pooh mothers pull out not only for warming baby rabbits, but also to make it easier for them to grab the nipple. After all, babies are born completely naked, blind, weak and helpless.

The milk of the female appears immediately after giving birth, as a rule, at this time the first feeding begins.

Do not be afraid, if your ward does not sit all day over the nest and does not care for the little rabbits - this is dictated by the safety and instincts of preserving offspring. After the birth and the first feeding of babies, the female tries to get as far away from the nest as possible and watches the offspring only from a distance. Mother, as an adult, has a strong odor that can attract a predator. Toddlers do not have such a smell, so they remain safe only at a considerable distance from the mother.

Also, not immediately the mother can proceed to the first feeding. In some females, milk arrives only a few hours after it has elapsed. However, if you notice that the rabbits are hungry during the day, and the female has never approached them - you need to check if she has milk. She may also lack maternal instincts. How to determine whether she feeds rabbits, look at the video.

Determination of signs of lactation and force-feeding

To determine whether the newly-made mother has milk, it is necessary to take her in her arms, put her back and feel her nipples. If they are solid, then the female is ready for feeding. After pressing on the nipple, a few drops of clear liquid or milk should come out. If there is no milk, baby rabbits should be immediately sent to another lactating female or fed artificially. Remember that you can not pull, because kids can die.

The dose of Oxytocin causes a rush of milk, so a good lactation in a young mother after birth can be enhanced by artificial means.

Lactation can also be caused by special attachment of rabbits apart from the will of the mother. The same method allows the animal to instinct to feed its offspring. Step-by-step instruction:

  • make a clean, soft, safe fabric without threads, holes, or anything that can damage a bunny;
  • wash hands thoroughly with laundry soap;
  • to establish contact with the mother, to stroke her, to give her hands to be filled with the smells of the cell;
  • spread the prepared fabric on your knees;
  • put babies on it, making a small depression between the knees;
  • sit on top of the mother or lay it side by side, fix;
  • give the little ones access to the nipples;
  • wait until the babies are full (as a rule, this is no more than 15 minutes or until the tummies become large);
  • put the mother in a cage;
  • put the babies in the nest, cover with down.

Mother feeds the offspring at night, if in the morning you saw dehydrated, weak babies, you need to start force-feeding. It is necessary to spend it infrequently, 1-2 times in the dark. How many days may be needed to establish a natural feeding depends on the nature of the female. Often a week later, all the moms cope independently.

How many times do rabbits feed?

With breastfeeding, the mother comes into the nest to the newborn no more than 1 time per day, rarely twice. However, she prefers a dark time of day, complete silence and the absence of outsiders. In the first days of life, when the blind babies cannot yet return to the nest on their own, make sure that none of them stay in a cage for the night. Search for one and finish feeding the rabbit will not be as much as it is - so much and feed.

On the 10th day, the babies have sight, so they begin to move freely in the cage. To feed the offspring at this age is not difficult - to monitor the frequency per day and the regularity of feeding is not necessary. At 14-21 days after birth, the offspring begins to taste "adult" food, but at the same time maintaining the frequency of feeding with milk. The mother feeds them as well - once a day, mostly at night and does not allow herself to be at another time. They eat as much food as they want, not limited to the number of feedings per day.

How many babies can feed one female?

Despite the fact that a mother feeds the offspring only 1 time a day, she can feed at the same time no more than 8 babies. The dairy rabbit can feed even 11 newborns, and the one with little milk does not exceed 6. At the same time, no more than 8 rabbits can suck the female, just as much as the nipple of the animal. If there are more than 8 kids, only the strongest can eat fully. In the struggle for food strong rabbits can trample the weak. Sometimes it happens that there is a lot of milk: they have time to eat the first 8, and after them, those who in the first run have no place to eat.

To feed the whole offspring, which can reach up to 15 individuals, the female is not able to. In addition, a large okrol brings small and weak rabbits who are not able to fight for their lives. In this case, the strongest or lucky survive. The mother can also crush the weakest herself, so it is especially important to identify in time a search and shift the "extra" babies to another female.

Determining the lack of milk in the female is easy. If within a few days of observation the rabbits do not gain weight or are behind the growth schedule, after eating their tummies are not full enough - there is a clear nutritional deficit. How many babies are missing is difficult to determine, but a breeder can try to increase the amount of lactation. To do this, you need to feed a young mother every day:

  • boiled root vegetables;
  • succulent feeds;
  • walnuts;
  • sprigs of fresh dill.

If the situation has not changed a day later, you can wait another day and transplant a part of the babies to another rabbit.

How long does the female feed offspring?

As a rule, only for 45 days it is possible to remove grown-up children from the mother. If mating on the farm is made often, they are rejected earlier, when the bunnies switch to independent feeding. Broiler rabbits, whose okroly occur less frequently, are removed from the mother for only 60 days. Moreover, if you take a break in feeding for more than 3-4 days, the rabbit’s milk will disappear completely, and lactation cannot be restored.




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