Is it possible to feed the rabbit seeds

To understand whether rabbits can have seeds, it is necessary to study their basic composition and beneficial properties. The animals have a very weak liver and stomach, so you need to feed them with new products with caution. Separately, a diet is prepared for small and adult individuals, who perceive sunflower seeds in different ways as a regular complementary food. It is impossible to completely exclude such a product, but it should be added to the trough in limited quantities.

The benefits and harm for rabbits

Sunflower seeds are a source of vegetable protein, fatty acids, minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium) and vitamins. The energy value of 100 g of the product is 578 kcal.

The beneficial effect of seeds on baby rabbits:

  • activate metabolic processes;
  • improve the work of the heart, blood vessels and the digestive tract;
  • strengthen the bone system.

Although natural food has significant advantages, it is forbidden to give it in large quantities to an animal. Such food damages tooth enamel, negatively affects the functioning of the liver. Since the grain calories, their frequent use can lead to rabbit obesity. With long-term feeding of rabbits and males with seeds, severe indigestion may occur.

Veterinarians are advised to add to the diet of rabbits a natural product in limited quantities (enough 5-10 sunflower seeds per week).

Rabbit breeders often fatten young individuals with grains and purchased feeds. This is done in order to make the food satisfying and healthy. If you give only a few seeds to the animal, it will decrease hunger, more strength and energy will appear.

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds

All households take care of the decorative animals living at home. They feed the animal, care for it and consider it a full-fledged member of the family. In order for a rabbit to grow up healthy, you need to monitor its diet.

Some rabbits may have a pronounced intolerance to sunflower and pumpkin seeds due to the oil they contain. If the animal has a swelling or diarrhea, it is necessary to exclude this product from the menu.

To make the right and healthy diet will help the vet. After examining the young, the doctor will tell you if the rabbits can be given seeds, which products should be completely excluded.

Experienced breeders prefer pumpkin seeds because they are more useful than sunflower seeds. Note the positive properties:

  • improving the urinary system of pets;
  • prevention of parasitic diseases;
  • boosting the immune system.

100 g of pumpkin seeds contain 446 kcal, so their frequent use is also contraindicated for animals.

Top dressing of young growth with sunflower seeds

Since the seeds have high energy value, they are added in small quantities to the feed mixture, which increases the caloric content of food. But now let us explain whether it is possible to give seeds to rabbits from the first days after birth.

Feed the rabbits with sunflower seeds can be after 2-3 weeks of their life. Learn a lot of interesting information about feeding animals can be from the article: "What feed the little rabbits."

Babies should eat a few grains 1-2 times a week. As the young grows, it is determined whether it is possible to feed the individuals with such a product regularly in the cold and warm season.

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