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In the article we will understand whether it is possible to add bananas to rabbits in the diet. With the maintenance of decorative animals, owners have to solve such problems. A full-fledged diet provides a quick set of animals muscle mass and the acquisition of their fur shine, and the presence of hard feed allows them to grind down fast-growing teeth. Some rabbit breeders occasionally give their ears and exotic fruits, but with these fruits one has to be extremely careful.

Heavy for digestion fruit

Banana is considered a high-calorie product, which contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, but it is necessary to feed them rabbits carefully. The main disadvantage of this fruit is:

  • the soft structure which is not allowing teeth of an animal to grind down;
  • heaviness in digestion leading to intestinal blockages;
  • short shelf life of this perishable product.
  • the presence of toxic substances in the peel.

It should be understood that bananas come to us from warm countries, being in refrigerated refrigerators for several months.

As a result of storage on the shelves of the supermarket, the fruits begin to ripen quickly, and the mold stains cover the banana peel. In the place of its damage, the fruit spoils, and the bacteria begin to grow and multiply very quickly, feeding on simple carbohydrates.


Prefer banana peel

Now we will consider whether it is possible to give bananas to rabbits in order not to harm their health. Given that this is a very difficult product to digest, a small amount of it is allowed to add to the diet of the animal no more than once a week. It is best if the banana was pre-dried. The volume of a single meal - no more than a third of a fruit.

Watch your pets carefully, and if, after eating a banana, his stomach is sick, then stop giving it to rabbits.

It is strongly recommended not to give bananas to pregnant rabbits and young animals who are not ready to digest adult food.. It is much more useful to add to the diet of animals a banana peel, which contains a large amount of fiber and is excellent for grinding teeth.

The banana skin needs to be thoroughly washed beforehand, since many manufacturers treat the fruit with toxic chemicals that increase the shelf life. This negatively affects the digestive tract of animals that consume them.

Abuse can be lethal.

If you decide to give the decorative rabbit the skin or the core of this fruit, then you should ensure that everything is eaten without residue. If even the smallest crumbs of a banana will be in the feeder or on the litter, they will begin to rot under the influence of heat. In this cell, staph infections will quickly develop which cause indigestion, constipation, or bloating in your pet.

Remember that the positive side of the use of bananas in the diet of rabbits is not and add it to the diet is not necessary.

To prevent such problems, it is best to limit banana or banana peel consumption by rabbits, replacing them with more traditional apples or carrots. It is better to give preference to green grass, hay and other foods rich in fiber.

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