Is it possible to give pumpkin and zucchini rabbits

We will tell you about whether it is possible to give bunnies and pumpkins to rabbits. Vegetables are available, especially in the summer-autumn period. This is very important, because animals, although small, eat a lot. Using such food can significantly reduce the cost of food. This is a double benefit, since, eating plants in this group, the rabbits will not need nutrients. But in all there is a measure, so below we will talk about the quantitative components of the diet. Also explain why it is necessary to observe moderation.

Orange varieties

Pumpkin belongs to the family of melons and can be of different types. The most useful is considered an orange variety, rich in carotene. Its content is 4-5 mg per 100 g.

Now let's figure out whether it is possible to give a pumpkin to rabbits, and in what form. Raw vegetable contains many healthy and nutritious substances. It is advisable to include it in the diet of animals constantly. At the same time, there is a positive effect on the fur of rabbits, on their reproductive function (in males), on the lactation of a nursing female (for more details on her feeding, see the article “What does a rabbit need to feed after eating?”).

If the rabbit is grown for meat, then the taste of meat products is improved by drinking pumpkin.

Usually these animals eat pumpkin very well, as it has a pleasant sweetish taste. From the beneficial properties of the fruit can be isolated a large amount of vitamins, but very little fiber.

A big plus is that this large vegetable is stored for a long time and does not lose utility. It can be put in the basement or cellar, where the temperature is not more than 20 degrees Celsius.

In the diet - zucchini

Rabbits can be given and zucchini. These vegetables contain vitamins B and C, minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus), as well as folic, nicotinic and malic acids. However, due to the large amount of fiber, such fruit should often not be given. It is best to include it in the diet every other day, alternating with pumpkin.

Energy value per 100 g - 24 kcal. An oversupply of zucchini can cause constipation.

Before giving the rabbits zucchini, you need to clean them from dirt, rind and rotten places. Most often, this vegetable is given together with cucumbers, tops and hay. In this case, 200 g of zucchini accounts for 500 g of cucumbers.

If you give the rabbits zucchini, you can increase their immunity, improve the functioning of the heart and endocrine system. Although the vegetable and a lot of fiber, it still contributes to the good work of the intestine.

And now about whether it is possible to feed rabbits with leaves of squash and pumpkin. Such fresh greens cause indigestion in animals. But it can be given after pouring boiling water and insisting 15 minutes. Water is drained and the green mass is added to the bran or potato.

Feeding rates

When feeding with pumpkin and zucchini, you need to wait for the three-month-old rabbits. Do not enter these products before.

To make the rabbit accustomed to a new diet, squash and pumpkin are introduced in small portions in the form of mashed potatoes, gradually increasing the volume of consumption.

Filing Rules:

  • vegetables are peeled;
  • seeds are removed;
  • pumpkin pulp is crushed, either grated or knife.

Squashes and pumpkin rabbits can be given raw and boiled. Particular attention pumpkin seeds. They are crushed and added to the main meal. This is a good natural prevention of helminthic invasions.

After the vegetables for rabbits are prepared, they are combined with solid dry food. Ratio - 20% (greens) to 80% (dry food). Green vegetables can include all vegetables, grass, leaves, tops, and root vegetables.

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