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About what sounds emit rabbits, usually little is known to the inhabitants. It is believed that these animals are silent. But the range of sounds emitted by them, it turns out, is quite wide. Eared animals are tasty prey of many predators, so they learned to communicate almost silently. Signals that transmit eagles to each other and to the world around them are given by knocking, grunting, gnashing of teeth, squeaking and even piercing screams. Details about each you will learn from this article.

Why do rabbits gnash their teeth

Sometimes the owners of decorative rabbits, do not realize that their pets can and like to talk. Most often for the first time they learn about the speech abilities of an eared friend when they hear his quiet calm teeth grip. Sometimes this sound is called "tooth purr" because it is much like a cat.

So the animal expresses pleasure when the owner scratches the rabbit's head, especially the space between the ears. In this state, the pet is usually relaxed and completely immersed in the sensations. Similar sounds can be heard from a cage if the earedbike is pleased with the taste of the food offered.

In another situation, there may be a creaking teeth when the pet is tense, anxious and anxious. Rabbit language animal signifies that he for some reason, there is pain. Do not delay, carefully examine the eared, if necessary, contact your veterinarian.

How do rabbits

Rabbit bosses, who at least once had a rabbit brood, probably noticed that the babies could emit a low squeak, thus calling for the mother who had been weaned. If the rabbit is hungry or cold, he also barely perceptible food draws the attention of the rabbit to his problems.

Grown up individuals are also capable of such conversations. Hear how the pet communicates, it is best possible for the owners of home decorative breeds.

Adult rabbits squeak like babies in a dream, and can also utter a sort of squeak of discontent, if you take a pet in your arms without his consent.

The sound is usually high and jerky. But it happens that the rabbit, being in an unfamiliar frightening environment, speaks in low tones, pronouncing something like “Oooo” as if on an exhalation.

Sounds of communication between adults

Observing the life of an eared ward can distinguish several varieties of rabbit sounds:

  • growl;
  • hiss;
  • grunting;
  • pounding (trampling);
  • guttural sounds.

Signals of anger animals are growling, hissing and grunting. A roar, like a dog, can be heard during the invasion of an uninvited guest into the rabbit's territory. Often the owners hear it while cleaning the cage when the pet is disturbed at an inopportune hour.

Hissing like a cat, can be eared, if something very unhappy. It is better not to disturb him at this moment - he clearly does not want to talk.

Dissatisfaction, in addition, can be expressed in rabbits with the help of a grunt. It is a bit like grumbling or grunting. Sometimes animals make such a sound during a sexual hunt, and sometimes grunts with pleasure.

Rabbit cries and screams of despair and pain

A very unusual for eared and rarely emitted sound is a shrill, loud cry, even a screech, similar to the cry of a child. So yells very frightened animal or a rabbit experiencing unbearable pain.

From this sound, anyone who hears it cools down inside, as if the emotion of fear and pain passed through the sound wave. A screaming rabbit clearly needs veterinary inspection. Do not leave it without help.

Both females and males may emit other, rather loud, sounds during the rut - guttural cries. The observers may get the impression that the screaming animal itself did not expect such behavior from itself. The sound as if without his participation breaks out, and the rabbit can do nothing with it.

Body signal language

Screaming rabbits are rare. But stomping and abruptly leaping up is a common occurrence. The movements are also a peculiar language of these animals.

For example, if you heard a sharp stamp, when a rabbit bangs his back paw, this means that the pet is annoyed and warns of danger.

His relatives, hearing such trampling, will search for a secluded place to hide. The owner is best not to touch the rabbit at such a moment - he can attack.

Watch the behavior of rabbits, learn the language of their movements, then it will be easier for you to understand your charges. In addition, read the article "How many rabbits live."

Write in the comments, what sounds, made by your eared pets, you managed to hear.

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