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A mini farm for many today is an excellent home business option. That is why their popularity is increasing. This also applies to the pig industry. How to build a mini farm for pigs with their own hands, and also why it is needed and what it looks like, let's look at this in more detail.

What do they look like and what are they for?

Such a concept as a mini farm, today is familiar to many. In this case, it is found in almost every branch of animal husbandry. As for pig farming, small farms are increasingly becoming the choice of beginning farmers. However, mini farming is also a great option for livestock. Only a dozen pigs can provide the whole family with tasty meat and the opportunity to profit from the sale.

Today, the concept of a mini farm for pigs includes a fairly wide range of possibilities. This and the usual household for a dozen or several dozen animals, and a full-fledged complex, numbering hundreds of heads. However, all the same, this concept more correctly means a household that does not exceed a population of several dozen, as in the video. That is, it is a small, but very profitable, economical and profitable economy.

As a rule, the mini farm has the appearance of a regular capital pigsty of a rectangular or hangar shape, located on a separate plot of land. If you have the opportunity, then such a small farm can be placed on your own site in the form of an ordinary barn. For example, if the pigs are no more than 15 heads. Thus, you can organize a very profitable home business for the production and sale of meat products.

Pluses little pigsty

  • affordability for novice farmers;
  • low need for investment and investment;
  • do not need to have a lot of staff;
  • high profitability;
  • does not require a lot of space;
  • ease of construction.

How to create a mini farm?

In order to properly build a mini pig farm with your own hands, you need to know some basic rules. First, regardless of the quantity, the room should be capital and insulated. Animals in it should feel comfortable. Secondly, the room should be divided into special areas with a separate range: for keeping adult pigs, boars, as well as sows and young. All this is taken into account when developing a plan and a drawing.

To create a mini farm, of course, first of all, we need a suitable site. It can be bought or rented. If possible, you can allocate a private plot for your farm. We start the construction by creating a drawing, we suggest to look at it at the end of the article. We determine the size, given the number of animals. See the video for details.

Subtlety pigsty

For the construction of a mini farm suitable for any available dry and warm materials. For example, it may be wood or brick. Floors make adobe or concrete, taking into account the flow of slurry into special compartments. In cold regions, the walls of the pigsty must be insulated, for example, with foam or sawdust. The roof can be made shed and dvukhskatnuyu, which saves storage space for stocks.

Surely, even the smallest farm for pigs should have a walking platform. It should also be divided into compartments for walking sows and young stock, and separately for adult pigs. Walking to equip their own hands, to fence and make the right flooring. For convenience, all walking and compartments should be reported. See the drawings for more details.

It is not necessary to rebuild the pigsty if you already have a barn on the plot. With its proper construction and placement, it is possible to equip an already finished building. For example, make a special slotted floor, insulate, change the input if necessary, or add windows. It so happens that it is necessary to complete the outbuildings for storing feed and bedding. To quickly build a mini farm, you can use modern sandwich panels.


Even a mini farm with their own hands can not do without the necessary arrangement. If you breed pigs, be sure to take care of the heating system. Sows and especially piglets are very sensitive to low temperatures. In winter, it must be maintained within 20 degrees. It is desirable to have plumbing or at least a well with a pump.

Another, but very important point is the way of keeping pigs. From this will depend on the mini farm plan. The easiest option is two compartments for piglets and adults, as well as a separate area with machines for sows. You can also choose a system of individual placement of animals, for example, in special cells, as in the video.


Having even a small farm for pigs, you need to take care of proper storage of feed and stocks. So, from the necessary buildings you will need a granary, a canopy, a workshop or a workshop for tools, a department for cutting and storing meat products. It is not necessary to allocate separate buildings for all premises. For example, a barn can be isolated as a separate compartment in the pigsty itself, hay can be stored under the roof, and so on.

However, this is only suitable if you have no more than a dozen pigs. In other cases, it should be borne in mind that for the preparation of a large number of feed and hay, you need a drive of equipment and a truck. Therefore, it is better to place these premises with access to the street and with good access. For what we need a workshop, as well as a room for cutting and storing meat, we think everything is clear here.

Machinery and equipment

In order for your mini farm to be profitable and profitable with your own hands, you need to acquire even the smallest equipment. First of all, this is a grain crusher, without which the correct feeding of pigs is simply impossible to imagine. Secondly, a small tractor with a trailer for transporting hay, fodder, manure. Also from the automatic systems you can come in handy for auto-drinkers and automatic feeders. But on this for a mini farm you can save money, as shown in the video.


Drawing of a domestic pigsty walking Drawing arrangement mini farm for pigs Module plan for 5 (a) and 10 (b) main sows




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