We teach the decorative rabbit to various teams.


Animals that can perform the commands of the owner, cause general affection. Most often we see trained dogs, sometimes cats. It turns out, rabbits are not inferior to them in the ingenuity. And if you wish, you can train Ushastik to many spectacular and useful teams. How to train a rabbit to achieve excellent results, you will learn in our article.

Recipe for success

You brought a small decorative rabbit to the house, and he immediately became the favorite of the whole family. Fluffy animal is very sociable, he likes attention and good attitude. If you carefully watch the new pet, you will very soon notice that the rabbits are very smart.

But naughty and capricious animals can spoil the mood of the household. Therefore, the owners often think about the fact that it would be nice to start training the rabbit. These fluffy lumps are very smart, despite their little constitution. Do not doubt: you will be able to teach him many funny tricks, which will please your home and guests. Trained rabbits cause special delight in children.

Successfully teach the animal commands can be subject to simple rules. Most importantly - the pet should trust you. Rabbits are very sensitive, so they easily catch the aggression and bad mood of the host. If you just took the baby out of the store, let him get comfortable, smell new smells and look at the situation.

Simple rules

You probably know that the main tool in training is the promotion of delicacy. So start your workout when the rabbit is a little hungry. Give him small pieces of treats to encourage further learning. The main thing is to give a tasty piece only if the animal correctly executed the command.

Never shout at an eared pet, and especially do not beat him. Even a light slap will upset the rabbit, and there is even a chance that he will harbor a grudge against you. Remember: no whips, just gingerbread!

Do not force the animal to train, if it is not in the spirit or something passionate about. But do not start training yourself in a bad mood. Classes should bring pleasure to both parties. Turn the training into a game, and you will see how quickly the rabbit learns everything.

You need to start with light exercises. More complex tricks can be learned only after the rabbit has mastered the previous team. Master the team gradually, do not rush your pet and do not rush yourself. Another very important thing is to practice regularly, and not occasionally. Only then the result will not be long in coming.

When to start?

Do not think that, having crossed the threshold of a house with a new inhabitant, you will immediately begin to train him intensively. The little animal needs to get used to it, because it is going through a lot of stress: they brought it to an unfamiliar place. Therefore, before you start teaching the rabbit to different teams, make sure that it is comfortable at home and not scary.

As for the age at which training can begin, it is best to do this when the rabbit is 2–3 months old. These animals, like children, quickly absorb information at a young age. However, if you already live an adult rabbit, you can achieve great results in dog training. The main thing is perseverance and patience.

Hand animal

To tame a decorative rabbit, it is impossible to sharply grab him in your arms from the first minutes, to wag and squeeze strongly to yourself. This will only repel the pet and may provoke aggressive behavior. Therefore, if you have a small child at home, explain to him that the animal is tired and scared. Make sure that the baby does not squeeze the animal, does not ruffle the ears and does not spank.

Let the rabbit settle in the cage. Let him explore his new home by himself. When he gets a little comfortable, he will leave the house himself. It is advisable not to pull the rabbit out of the cage by force: it will consider this an invasion of its territory.

Decorative rabbits love tender treatment and are thrilled if they are scratched behind the ear or gently massage the back. Talk with the animal in a tender voice, offer a tasty treat. Then the new resident will trust you and will soon become completely tame.

Neat little animals

The most common desire of the owners - to teach your pet to the tray. For a while, watch where the rabbit cage meets its needs. In this corner, put the tray filled with toilet. Every morning and evening, shift the straw and solid feces soaked into the tray into a tray.

Put the baby in his pot unobtrusively, repeating the same phrase. For example, "Bonia, on the pot." Speak it gently, without terrible intonations. Repeat this ritual daily. Clever quickly figure out what's what. When your pet is fully accustomed to the household, and will defend the need in a strictly designated place, you can begin to train it. Start with the simplest exercises, and gradually move to more difficult tasks.

Begin training

So, the animal is friendly towards you, he is in a good mood and a little hungry. So you can begin to train. It is worth noting, if you plan to engage in the street, think about how to equip the fenced area. It should be a flat safe place, the best is low grass. At home, you can learn anywhere. Again, do not forget about security.

Learn the name

It's great when the animal responds to its name. To learn this skill, you need patience and a small piece of delicacy: parsley, apple or juicy grass. Call the rabbit and show him the treat. If he turned to you, give him a treat and be sure to praise him. Try to pronounce a nickname with the same intonation.

If the rabbit does not react, it means that he was not interested in food. Do not worry, after a while, repeat this technique. Do not be nervous and do not scold the animal. In a few days he will rush to you, hearing his nickname.

Make a rack

This trick delights the audience. At the command, the roller stands on its hind legs and is pulled out like a soldier. Teach this technique is not difficult. Give the animal to bite off a piece of his favorite delicacy, and then raise your hand a little higher. At the same time, say a command aloud, for example, "Tosh, up."

Each time, lift the treat a little higher. Just do not make sudden movements, otherwise the untrained rabbit can fall backwards. After a while, the rabbit will develop a reflex, and it will respond to the command. And you can teach him not only to stand, but also to run on his hind legs. Do not forget every success to encourage refreshments.

Ball game

When a rabbit plays a ball, pushing it with his face, it looks very funny. It seems that your pet is an avid soccer player. To teach him such a game, hide a small piece of carrot or parsley under the ball. Show the animal that there is a treat under the ball. Then he will try to move the ball with his nose.

After a while, your pet will start playing the ball, only after seeing it to get a treat. And you can complicate the task and teach the rabbit to score a goal. Glue a piece of food with scotch tape to the ball so that the animal could not immediately eat it. Put the ball in front of the toy gates and wait for the animal to accidentally push it between the bars, and then give the treat. Ushastik will quickly remember how to get the desired delicacy.


Make a small skate the size of your pet. To start, just put a rabbit on it and gently ride. When he gets used to his new transport, make the track at a slight inclination, put a skateboard on top and bring up the eared toy. To return to the owner, he will move down the hill. It looks very impressive, but it will be easy to teach.

Flip the saucer

This trick is similar in principle to a ball game. Only flat objects are more convenient for the rabbit to turn over with his teeth. Place a treat under the saucer so that the rabbit sees it. He will try to raise the hindrance and get a treat. Have patience, because the animal will need skill to turn the subject. You can glue a piece of feed with scotch tape to the bottom of the plate.

Obstacle course

When your pet is already clever and brave enough, teach him to pass an obstacle course. You can make all kinds of bridges, tunnels and labyrinths. Start with one element, the simplest, and gradually add new obstacles. It looks very cool when the animal passes through a rocker bridge, or climbs to a great height.

If you are consistent and persistent, soon your little animal will look like a real circus artist. He will perform these and other tricks with pleasure, playfully. And you will be proud of your clever pet.

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